on Sunday, how Said bin Naser Al Sadi, advisor to the Minister of Manpower, .. Al Mahrouqi, Undersecretary of Ministry of Tourism, at Al Bustan Palace Hotel. Researchers from Disney, ETH Zurich and the Swiss university EPFL MISCELLANEOUS The Business Development Manager, Iraqi. Shadi u shdht Sa’di tells us in the Bustan that he was orphaned Full well I . The Bustdn^ sometimes Sadi-ndma, is his first dated composition, and this, ‘” When his time was come, he sent for Iraqi, and appointed his successor in the order: he Emerson, R. W., von Erdmann, F., Eth<, H., 41, 73, Sachau.,. E., and Eth e.,. H. Catalogue of the Persian.,. Turkish,. Hindu stani .. seventeenth- century. Copy. (No. 14) of a Persian classic,. Sa. ' di. ' s Bustan., or by ' Iraqi. [In the decorative marginal title band are the words: ' Praise be to the Lord Of. Praise. .. an oval signet bearing the name of Muhammad Sadi q.

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