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Open Preview See a Problem? I have studied this topic extensively over the last 15 years, having previously served as an elder in a PCA church and in more recent years embracing Federalism and serving in ARBCA churches. Jul 13, David Varney rated it it was ok. Sometime later I got the recent Recovering a Covenantal Heritage volume. Waldron states that these officers – the elders or pastors, as you may prefer to call them; the terms in Scripture are interchangeable – may delegate the authority to baptize to another person, but they retain the responsibility for the ordinance.

A Modern Exposition of the Baptist Confession of Faith by Samuel E. Waldron

Waldron, a Reformed Baptist pastor and theologian, has produced a wonderful explanation of it. There was also a valuable section on the LCF treatment of the covenant of grace – a major departure of understanding from exposicionn WCF. One thing that was frustrating me, was the load of typos there. When I started studying the Confession I didn’t realizes that a confession is actually a Systematic Theology!

My advice – don’t bother buying this. I’m certain that these errors aren’t Dr. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. For instance, if an author wishes to write “rigid” but accidentally types “ridig,” a spell checker might offer the options “riding,” “ridding,” or “rider,” and if one simply accepts the first option, then the sentence might say that “The beam was riding throughout its length,” so that the spelling is correct but it’s a spelling error.

Josh rated it really liked it Sep 04, Jeff Brown rated it it was amazing Mar 11, Given my disagreements with several of his conclusions, the general confusion surrounding them, and the hit or mis exposition of each paragraph, I would likely not recommend this work to someone who is new to the confession and looking for help understanding it.

A Modern Exposition of the 1689 Baptist Confession of Faith

The publisher is British, and so the text uses British “inverted commas” rather than American quotation marks, but that’s not a problem – it’s odd to an American eye, but I’ve read enough British works that it doesn’t trouble me.


Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. From their nature, and from the ubiquity of some of them, I suspect that they derive from the publisher scanning the text of a previous edition, running it through a spell checker, and then printing the book without any further editing – a sloppy procedure which, at least as to the lack of an actual person reading in order to catch errors, seems to be proliferating like a virus these days.

Jun 06, Nathan White rated it eexposicion liked it. None of them are fatal – that is, they don’t sabotage the meaning so badly that a sentence is incomprehensible donfesion but they are exceedingly annoying, and annoyingly plentiful.

Waldron obviously holds to a permissive view of marriage, divorce, and remarriage, but he didn’t get it from the Confession and therefore I felt he was out of place including this view with reference to the Westminster where the was silent.

Samuel Bonderov rated it it was amazing Jul 30, There was no shortage of copyediting errors. Giezi rated it it was amazing Feb 17, I can only imagine how confused this chapter would leave someone who came to it not understanding the various views and hoping for clarification. Today, reformed Baptists confexion hold this Confession in high esteem and many churches continue to regard it as their official statement of faith.

Likewise, Waldron’s take on ‘elect infants’ and ‘the Pope is the antichrist’ is fairly bautitsa and misses the point of the authors, in my opinion.

Oct 22, Jordan rated it really liked it Shelves: May 16, Robert Mckay rated it it was amazing.

Libros por Dr. Sam Waldron en Español: Exposición

I was baptized in the Armenian Church and was attending a Baptist church in Holland and exposicipn convinced that my baptism was no baptism, so on I was baptist after a profession of faith. Another problem, which I’ll put under the head of production though it might more properly relate to content, is the lack of any index. Waldron charges paedo-baptists with defining the covenant of grace “in terms of the preparatory and typical covenants of the Old Testament period” The general content is precisely what the title promises.

Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Quotes from A Modern Expositi Brandon rated it it was amazing Aug 06, It crossed the Atlantic, and because the first published Baptist confession in what is now the United States, as the Philadelphia Confession of Faith because the Philadelphia Baptist Association had adopted it.

Samuel Waldron goes through each chapter and paragraph exposiccion expounds biblically on the statements in the exposicioon, with the occasional comment about historical context. Though I did not study it very deeply.

  313C 2DP PDF

Waldron is stating the position of the Confession, and so is doing his job – and indeed I have no doubt that he genuinely believes that the Confession is correct. He writes in a direct and lucid style that will help ministers, students and laymen alike to a clear understanding of this Confession and to its relevance and application to our modern age.

He may have tried a little too hard to prove that amillennialism is the Confessional position, while it is my view that the Confession does not take a position.

Besides the outlines, there were times when Waldron had incredibly insightful comments on certain passages. Further, the only place Waldron mentions Federalism a more common view of covenant theology among Reformed Baptists in a lengthy footnote on page I would have loved to have a Scripture index, an index of authors, and an index of topics, or at the very least the last if the other two weren’t feasible. I felt some of his comments in chapter 29 Of Baptism directly conflicted with his previous comments in chapter 28, particularly with regard to baptism being an individual rather than church ordinance, and who should rightly administer it.


The whole chapter left me confused as to what his view actually is. The chapter on the Trinity, a subject of utmost importance, one often misunderstood by the average church goer, and one of recent debate within evangelical circles, was probably the shortest chapter in the book and left me a bit disappointed.

Great exposition of the confession which deserves a wide reading. Shani rated it it was amazing Bauutista 03, They fall into two heads – matters of production, and matters of content. But then dee pagehe makes a few passing comments that seem to reflect the Federalism view that he so easily dismissed previously saying that he was “not ready to affirm it” and here he is apparently affirming it in contradiction to what he had previously affirmed regarding the covenants.

To require the church to exercise discipline against doctrinal error without a published confession of faith is to require it to make bricks without straw.