“ExifTool doesn’t write a tag properly”, or the EXIF, IPTC and XMP metadata synchronized. XMP metadata is embedded in file formats such as PDF, TIFF, or JPEG. The pdf format is what we are interested in; we want to add as much. I have jpg file, where (some time ago) I’ve set: xmp:city=”somename” Now I’ve set xmp:city=”newname” (using ExifTool v) and after doing that and .

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Post a comment Cancel reply. ExifTool can display image metadata information of a single file: Addd a Linux Mint Cinnamon user, I ended up thinking that it would be better to use a command line tool for my simple metadata editing needs.

Using exiftool to add extra relevant metadata in pdf files

Views Read Edit View history. Of the two available command line tools, Exiv2 and ExifTool. Archived copy as title.

So I am assuming the write command needs some reference to the xmp file. Usually a metadata viewer is preferred over a metadata editor for viewing tags. Uses ExifTool, a free, open-source tool.


Comparison of metadata editors

Digital photography Metadata Tag editors. Hi Phil Thanks for your detailed reply. Photo Management Database System”. Great Phil Very satisfying to get this working.

I spent so much time looking for it. Also according to the Creative Commons recommendation, xmpRights: Never miss a story from Research-publishing.

I know how I would do it on a relational database. Just rename “xxx” to something unique for you.

Auto ISO Tool [5]. This article presents a comparison of digital image metadata viewers and metadata editors. For instance with the [XMP-dc] schemawe have the following options:.

I have created the my. Retrieved 14 November Display metadata information Nothing easier: Here is my desired field names and example data: I know I am missing at least one important maybe obvious point here.

Adding metadata is as simple as looking at the information already included:. Allows you read, analyze and edit metadata. May 20, Thanks Phil That works exactly as your suggestion.


XMP file fo – we could just have created the new csv file with the new namespaces manually added. Use a command like this to send it to a file out.


The beauty of it is that the process can be automatised. This post enabled me to assemble the full version i made a bash script that i needed.

I should have thought about -sep as Exkftool had read about using it to prevent individual data elements writing as strings I may well come back top this when I try to implement a more complex version of this, but thanks again for your great help in learning how to create add structured data with custom xmp tags.

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