Transcript of eVANGELISMO cREATIVO. DATO INTERESANTE 24 Horas en un dia 60 minutos cada hora Minutos en un dia. CON NUESTROS TALLERES GRATUITOS2 IALLERES DE EVANGELISMO CREATIVO EQUPADOS CREATIVOS EFECTIVOS HECHOS 18 Comparte a Jesu8. Evangelismo creativo en Buenos Aires–Creative Evangelismo in Buenos Aires.

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PÁJARO BYN (saca piojos)

This way the people were exposed to the special days which Jesus celebrated in one way or another. My goodness where has the time gone?

Thinking back onthere are many events which have happened in our communities and around the world that cause us to either recoil or rejoice.

Apparently looking back at will have to wait just a little longer.

¿Cómo predicar de forma Cristocéntrica? 3/3

Porque el ha entrado como un viento recio. Ha sido como un torbellino para nosotros y El Shaddai.

Needless to say we were packed. It has been a whirlwind for us and El Shaddai.


Creahivo are going to count our blessings looking back at each month of this year and thank the Lord for His many blessings. Tuesday, May 16, March Marzo. As I looked at the blog, which you have noticed we were counting our blessings. This was a true first for El Shaddai, a new and small church, was asked to host one of the main events for the Zaragoza body of Christ.



Mercedes led the worship time and Enrique, a pastor of another Zaragoza area church preached. Due to the Hebrew calendar creatio the Gregorian calendar experiencing leap years, we had the opportunity to celebrate these special dates either on Sundays or on other days we normally hold a service.

It was a full house on a Tuesday night. Naturalmente, no evanyelismo estamos refiriendo a los eventos mundiales; recordaremos lo que ha ocurrido en el ministerio de El Shaddai. Saturday, June 9, Puerto Rico In December the area Pastors asked us if El Shaddai could host one of the evenings of prayer.

Recordando alhay muchos eventos que han ocurrido en nuestras comunidades y alrededor del mundo que nos causan a retroceder o a regocijar. There were more people than when we had our Anni-versary. Is it May already? We were all stunned, elated, nervous, hopeful, and thankful for being considered to serve in this way.


Whether it be natural disasters, man-made horrors, miracles, achievements, births, deaths, victories, losses, trials and triumphs, there is always a constant…God is still in control. Every January for many years the Evangelical churches in the city of Zaragoza have held a united week of prayer.

Because came in with a mighty rush. Sean desastres naturales, horrores hechos por el hombre, milagros, logros, nacimientos, muertes, victorias, derrotas, pruebas y triunfos, hay siempre una constante… Dios sigue estando en control. Fue casa llena para un martes por la noche. Naturally, we are not referring to world events; we will look back at what has happened in the ministry of El Shaddai.

Marlan also preached on the Wednesday evening prayer service in a different church in the area.

One of the items you will notice is that we were able to highlight most of the Jewish Feasts and evabgelismo dates on the Hebrew calendar during this year.