Full text of “Erectus Walks Amongst Us: The Evolution of Modern Humans () Among primates, [in order to reproduce] it is easier to be a female than to. Erectus Walks Amongst Us .. anything. The rest of us live in this sea of misinformation. .. foundation in any real differences among human groups.” ( Zimmer. Erectus Walks Amongst Us .. much inflow of more evolved alleles from northern populations, they are among the most primitive populations.

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The problem is that he cherry-picks or misconstrues those facts in order to support his thesis aming Africans, and their relatives around the globe, are “less-evolved” I’m loathe to stick the “racist” label onto anyone, since it is used so cheaply these days, especially in describing those who don’t follow a specific ideological benefit. Step out of your times, as though you had just arrived on this planet, and weigh the evidence and reasoning presented.

Erectus Walks Amongst Us

A very su point and possibly the most important question regarding the book is what are humans for. May 13, Zetetic Elench rated it did not like it. Anon — Thank you very much.

Sentinel rated it it was amazing Jun 04, Very little is held back in this book. Kranto rated it it was amazing Sep 19, Another issue that kept bugging me were wild conjectures, many of which were easily disputable, some even hilarious.

Fuerle’s hypothesis as to the origin of the various races is very much outmoded and was rather kooky for it’s time as well. Perhaps his most egregious error is his misreading of human evolution, especially the role altruism. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Booksearcher marked it as to-read Jun 12, Alexander marked it as to-read Dec 26, No added it Aug 16, A giant whale, deceased a week or two ago, washed ashore on a beach, bloated and rotting, just about ready to explode and spread its insides in a stinking red, green and black slime of death all over.


Damian marked it as to-read Oct 12, Oleg Derevyanko rated it it was amazing Nov 28, Or rather Eurasian man, the author is making it very clear that in his opinion Eurasians and Africans parted genetic ways long ago, even before the Australopithecus. Throughout the book Fuerle contradicts himself a lot, depending on what he wants to say.

It is nearly impossible to arrive at the truth by listening to only one side of the zmong, and you are about to hear another side. The rest of us live in this sea of misinformation.

Just Not Said: “Erectus Walks Amongst Us”

I looked it up and have read several chapters at random. I haven’t read Guns, Germs, and Steel, but from what I’ve heard, it contains a lot of propaganda. Yuriy marked it as qmong Mar 01, Donald Forster marked it as to-read Oct 24, So far it’s fascinating, one of the best summaries of racial differences — on a lot of different parameters — I’ve ever read.

Davillus Hynzerelli rated it it was amazing Dec 18, To ask other readers questions about Ealks Walks Amongst Usplease sign up. And, I tried to give Richard Fuerle the benefit of the doubt, since he does lay out a number of biological and evolutionary facts in constructing his arguments. Aug 09, E. The key question, though, is, is the resulting mixture better or worse, and in what ways?


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But whether or not you buy that theory, his summary of erectks differences between the races is worth reading. Janene marked it as to-read Aug 07, In the first section he seemed a bit bigoted but fairly reasonable. No self-respecting author would let their opinions shine through that strongly, not if they were trying for a scientific approach.


I mention this ua encourage the reader to jettison, or at least rein in, the opinions, attitudes, and beliefs that he has picked up during his life, because in this book many of them will be disputed. Since almost everyone believes the prevailing misinformation, we assume it must be true. Fishface marked it as to-read Feb 13, Regarding your sister’s ex-boyfriend, I think a lot of basically intelligent people have been pretty much brainwashed into believing what they are supposed to, what with the media sustaining the myth that if you don’t shut your eyes to certain things you’re an evil person.

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Hawaii has always been a dream of mine, but at this point in my life it would mean moving away from my aging parents, which I couldn’t do, and my kids, which I wouldn’t want to do. Fornit rated it really liked it May 29, Govind Parmar rated it did not like it Dec 27, After reading the REAL news on the internet, the stupidity of a certain ethnic group does not,to put it mildly, validate this belief. Good news, however, is that we learn from the very introduction of the book that Fuerle might be just a teeny tiny bit biased in his book.

Erectus Walks Amongst Us is basically introducing another theory for the origin of man. Dennis Mustafa rated it it was amazing Jan 08, Shaun King Gorilla muscle My testosterone level Prehistoric? August 4, at The egalitarian “proofs” in the book made me put it down permanently after only 2 chapters.