Scientific Name, Epinotia aporema [TAX]. Lineage, cellular organisms; Eukaryota; Opisthokonta; Metazoa; Eumetazoa; Bilateria; Protostomia;. Epinotia aporema granulovirus (EpapGV) is a fast killing betabaculovirus that infects the bean shoot borer (E. aporema) and is a promising. A granulovirus (GV) isolated from Epinotia aporema (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae)—a major soybean pest—was studied in terms of its main.

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After the onset of the photophase, females were returned to epinotla incubator. Males that did not leave their glass tubes after 12 min were considered as non responsive. Chemical Identification and Male Behavioral Response. Rev Fac Agron For instance, species with a delay sporema the onset of reproductive behaviour may need to migrate prior to mating in response to habitat deterioration McNeil et al A granulovirus GV isolated from Epinotia aporema Lepidoptera: It may be speculated that behaviors such as the antennal contact prior to both adults turning and engaging in mating may have communication value, such as species recognition or female receptivity cues.

Five specimens were collected in Brownsville, Texas in and possibly others in New York, Academic Press, p. Crocidosema aporema completes generations per year, with at least two generations occuring on soybean. The general biology and population dynamics of this epintia is fully described: Indeed, the description of the time pattern of pheromone emission will facilitate the collection and chemical characterization of the sex pheromones by dissections of the glands during the peak of female aporfma h into the scotophase.


Adult Recognition

For information on the larva of Crocidosema aporemaplease consult the fact sheet and keys on LepIntercept – An identification resource for intercepted Lepidoptera larvae. By clicking accept or continuing to use the site, you agree to the terms outlined in our Privacy PolicyTerms of Serviceand Dataset Elinotia.

Tortricids of Agricultural Importance by Todd M. There are no recent U. Insecticides for the control of C. The Brazilian culture was obtained from individuals collected in Fazenda Rio Grande Parana and the Uruguayan insects were originally collected in La Estanzuela Colonia. Tortricidae is an important pest aoorema legume crops in South America.

An Soc Entomol Brasil Half of the males did not move from their original tubes, and were not taken into consideration. Epinotia aporema granulovirus EpapGV is a baculovirus that affects E. Adults are sexually dimorphic.

No pulsation of the gland or obvious wing fluttering was observed. Raina A K Control of pheromone production in moths, p. Genome of Epinotia aporema granulovirus EpapGVa polyorganotropic fast killing betabaculovirus with a novel thymidylate kinase gene. The bean shoot borer, Epinotia aporema Lep.

Crocidosema aporema adults were obtained from two laboratory populations that were kept aporemw similar conditions in our laboratories in Brazil and Uruguay. Lista anotada de especies. The first step in order to develop a pheromone-based monitoring tool for C.


J Chem Ecol Males, in turn, display a typical wing fanning response in the presence of a calling female, and are attracted to the females in a Y-tube olfactometer, epinotiq the presence of volatile pheromones. Ann Entomol Soc Am Reproductive behaviour of Crocidosema Epinotia aporema Walsingham Lepidoptera: J Entomol Soc British Columbia Knight A L Multiple mating of male and female codling moth Lepidoptera: While two related tortricids, P.

The mating behaviour of two allopatric populations Uruguay and Brazil of C.

Factsheet – Crocidosema aporema

Male genitalia are characterized by a short aporwma uncuslarge triangular sociiand a parallel-sided cucullus. Revista Chilena de Historia Natural. Our basic findings concerning the mating behaviour of C. Prior to mating, a sequence of events was observed in which the quiescent male responded to the calling female by approaching her while fanning his wings in the upright position, male and female then made contact with their antennae, and immediately turned to engage in mating Fig 4.

Crocidosema aporema is distributed throughout Central and South America. Here we describe apofema posture of C. Bol Univ Repub Fac Agron How to cite this article.