As befits an entremés, the plot of El retablo de las maravillas is simple. Two swindlers, the man Chanfalla and the woman Chirinos, persuade the authorities of a. The Governor, and his city officials, Petra. Capacho, Juana Castrada, and Benita. Repollo happen upon Chirinos and. Chanfalla. Chanfalla introduces herself as. Cervantes-Entremés de El retablo de las – Download as PDF File ( .pdf) or view presentation slides online.

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The author’s very mention of wanting in fact, demanding a second reading, or at least a contemplative first reading, signals that he felt their content was capable of retaablo more intense scrutiny than a purely theatrical reception could afford, and that such a reading may be necessary to provide closure.

Approaches to the Maravillax of Cervantes”Comedias. The entremfs of the student’s deception of the nearly-cuckolded Pancracio in La cueva de Salamanca is never shown. The commercial success of Lope de Vega in effect defined a specific set of guidelines for Spanish theatre, requiring relatively simple actions, and presenting characters as the subordinated agents of plot.

The Human Seriousness of Play. Why was his drama not considered appropriate for performance and rejected by the producers and directors of his time?

Visor de obras.

In El arte nuevo de estudiar comedias: While the writer of prose fiction can and, indeed, must create a fictional world with verbal imagery and narrative style, the dramatist will also consider the languages of physical gesture and movement, voice quality, spatial relationships, and music, to name but a few.

This novelization is not due to any superiority of one genre over the other, but rather to the measure of plasticity inherent in the conception and execution of the novel.

Corral de Comedias In comparison with their counterparts in the novel, Cervantes’ dramatic characters may seem more two-dimensional, his themes less fully developed, and his plots less involved. If Cervantes’s interludes do not “break away from the nor- malizing roles assigned to theatrical production” it is because all play, all games, have rules which establish a sense of order, and this, according to Huizinga, is a “very positive feature of play: The Governor and his aldermen want to be seen as good cristianos viejosOld Christians of pure blood, untainted by any Jewish or Muslim origin.

But does Cervantes actually wish to break away from the established genre or rather master it, and thereby receive public acknowledgement i. Yet while the novelization of Cervantes’ drama appears to have been at least partially responsible for their rejection as theatrical scripts, the adoption of a more novelistic stance allowed them to be viewed as potentially successful and lucrative texts for reading.

The spectators of the play within the play are thus given the illusory tools of legitimacy which will enable them to see the non-existent marvels and to examine their own questionable consciences.

Furthermore, this broad-based ironic humor allows Cervantes to engage in satirical self-deprecation. Were Cervantes’ entremeses bad theatre? The resulting works display a level of thematic profundity and structural complexity radically innovative in their time, and fully modern even when judged by the standards of the twentieth century. Such irony in Cervantes’ entremeses seems to be a characteristic quality which distinguishes his drama from more mainstream plays. As Hans Robert Jauss points out, the second reading of a text allows for a more detailed analysis of meaning:.


El Libro de Bolsillo. El viejo celoso, the last of the “hoax interludes,” also revolves around the theme of infidelity.

El retablo de las maravillas – Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

To mark the th anniversary of the death of Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra, one of the most well-known Siglo de Oro writers, Eden Enterprises, in collaboration with Shakespeare-on-the-Rocks and Los Actores Bilingual Theater Company, is performing three entremeses written by Cervantes. In Cervantes’ interludes, however, we can easily see a number of concrete examples of these qualities. Significado y doctrina del “Arte nuevo” de Lope de Vega.

It is curious to consider at this point Victor Turner’s reflection on the notion of “performance” as “an act of creative retrospection” and a “‘restored’ experience,” taking experience as a “willing or wishing forward” Rozas Johan Huizinga’s classic study Homo Ludens: The Play of Illusion in Cervantes’s Interludes.

In addition, the comedia ‘s plot consists of a carefully-constructed sequence of events, linked together by dramatic causality, which, once discovered, reveals the thematic meaning of the work as a whole.

El retablo de las maravillas

Huizinga underscores in his foreword to this book that he had repeatedly insisted on the phrase “the play element of culture” and not “the play element in culture” because, he says, “it was not my object to define the place of play among all the other manifestations of culture, but rather to ascer- tain how far culture itself bears the character of play” i.

Their complaints and the judge’s reluctance to grant them what they seek provide a wealth of humor. This is not to suggest that he in some way ignored the extra-literary dramatic codes while writing his drama, but rather that his highly developed sense of novelistic discourse may have overwhelmed the theatrical concerns of the interlude, at least in the eyes of the potential producers who rejected his plays.

This sets in motion the stu- dent’s quick wit and subsequent deception through which the play reach- es its comic climax and reestablishes the order of play into the matrimo- nial chaos of Leonarda and Pancracio.

The season performance ofMaravillas de Cervantes by Els Comediants may just have been the catalyst for change that contemporary companies needed. Remember me on this computer. Presses Universitaires de France, The most obvious similarity between the interlude and the novella is their structural brevity.

This structure confirms Anne Cruz’s assertion that the interludes defer “formal closure”since Cervantes has presented to us a single moment in the continuous, and in this sense “dramatic,” play of illusion in human life.

Pero yo pienso darlas a la estampa, para que se vea de espacio lo que pasa apriesa, y se disimula, o no se entiende, cuando las representan. As will be discussed later, characters are drawn almost exclusively according to stereotypical stock-figures, plots consist of one singular action, and the elucidation of thematic meaning is almost non-existent. In his prologue, Cervantes relates the roundabout manner in which his plays reached the press, thus beginning the debate over their allegedly problematic theatricality:.


In a provocative essay on Cervantes’s interludes, Anne Cruz has effec- tively argued that these short pieces “cannot entirely break away from the normalizing roles assigned to theatrical production by seventeenth-centu- ry Spain’s social systems.

Huizinga’s “limitedness” of play is taken a step further by Victor Turner, who discusses play and ritual as “liminality”: By incorporating in his interludes the serious treatment of theme and interiorization of character generally associated with novelistic prose, Cervantes anticipated a movement which would not affect the performed drama of the canon for more than one hundred years after the appearance of his Ocho comedias y ocho entremeses.

Consequently, aspects of novelization can begin to manifest themselves in other genres anytime after the appearance of the modern novel, but they do not reach a significant level of importance -or canonical recognition- until much later.

Three Entremeses Cervantinos – Chamizal National Memorial (U.S. National Park Service)

The creative act of making the scenes appear is left to the audience, since the entire enactment is of course a sham. El Juez de los Divorcios Four couples seek a divorce before the judge. Moreover, publication allows the interludes to be examined separately, free from the restraints of their position within the comediaso they can be seen for what they are individually.

Nevertheless, Cervantes’ drama sometimes has been called excessively traditional, especially when compared to Lope de Vega, whose comedia nueva virtually redefined both the production and reception of the dramatic arts in sixteenth- and seventeenth-century Spain.

Cervantes is generally thought to have been a better novelist and short story writer than playwright, although there are many critics who write favourably of his innovative dramatic craft. Don Quijote and the Novelas ejemplares show his interest in experimentation and the exploration of the unlimited possibilities of narrative fiction.

Most important, as Bakhtin has suggested, is the openendedness of novelized literature.

Such questions have surrounded the interludes since their initial rejection alongside eight full-length plays by unnamed autores de comedias in the early ‘s. Novelization and the subsequent redefinition of drama as a purely readable literary work implies a change in both the literary and the theatrical horizon of expectations which must have been met with a certain element of curiosity.

Thus we desire not only maraavillas presence of absent good but also the preservation of the present, and in addition the absence of evil, both what we already have and what we believe we might receive in time to maravollas The new hoax consists of the staging rehablo an imagi- nary puppet show, fashioned by the celebrated and illusory Italian sage Tontonelo, which only pure Christians and those of legitimate birth will be able to see: