Pulmonary fat embolism of neoplastic origin. Embolia pulmonar gordurosa de origem neoplásica. Flávia Pinto, 1 Miriam Menna Barreto, 1 Daniela Braz Parente. Feedback. All fields marked with a star (*) are obligatory. Details. Your feedback * . Your E-mail address. Article received: December 10, Article accepted: June 1, Descritores: Cirurgia plástica; Lipoaspiração; Embolia gordurosa;. Embolia pulmonar.

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High-volume, high-pressure pulsatile lavage during cemented arthroplasty. J Bone Joint Surg Am.

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Analisamos estatisticamente dois desfechos: Diagnosis of diseases of chest. Prophylaxis against fat and bone-marrow embolism during total hip arthroplasty reduces the incidence of postoperative deep-vein thrombosis: The Frank Stinchfield Award. Em nosso meio, Engel et al. Nos outros estudos, o grupo controle recebeu cuidados de rotina.

Fat embolism: a review for current orthopaedics practice

Fat embolism syndrome in isolated femoral fractures: Utilizamos uma ficha estruturada para coletar os dados relevantes. Por outro lado, Saldeen et al. Superior vena caval syndrome secondary to metastatic renal cell carcinoma.


Arq Bras Med ; Fat is rarely associated with other renal neoplasms, such as renal cell carcinomas. Pulmonary fat embolism in revision hip arthroplasty.

Embolia gordurosa by Michel Felipe on Prezi

Contrast-enhanced MRI of the thorax was also performed, showing a signal drop in the thrombus on the fat-saturated and out-of-phase T1-weighted images, thus confirming the presence of pulmonary fat embolism. Emboli of extravascular tissue and foreign material: Isr J Med Sci ; Scroggins C, Barson PK.

What do you perceive the risk for fat embolism to be in using ultrasound for non-invasive fat reduction? Fat embolism prophylaxis with corticosteroids.

Intramedullary gkrdurosa and pulmonary function during total knee arthroplasty. Os dados mais relevantes desses estudos encontram-se resumidos na Tabela 2. Rev Bras Ortop ; Acta Ortop Bras ; 5: Operative management of lower extremity fractures in patients with head injuries.

Pulmonary fat embolism of neoplastic origin

EmLindeque et al. Prevention of fat embolism syndrome in patients with femoral fractures–immediate or delayed operative fixation?


A randomized study in patients with a femoral neck fracture. In conclusion, it is important to evaluate fat density thrombi in the pulmonary vessels of patients with renal neoplasms with or without respiratory symptoms for a diagnosis of pulmonary tumor embolism.

Case Aggressive angiomyolipoma with renal vein thrombosis and pulmonary fat embolus. Fat emboli syndrome in isolated fractures of the tibia and femur.

Histopathological examination of a CT-guided percutaneous biopsy sample revealed the presence of clear cells and oxyphilic cells that were probably malignant, with a moderately elevated proliferative index; a diagnosis of malignant primary renal neoplasm was therefore made.

Rev Bras Ortop ; A renal angiomyolipoma with extension to the renal vein and asymptomatic fat pulmonary embolus. Foi com esta frase que Estebe et al. No Cochrane Library 4 Palavra no texto: