Getting ElsterFormular Running with Wine on linux. I’ve been doing my taxes here in Germany for the past few years with the help of wine. ElsterFormular x on Mac, Linux & Chrome OS. RSS Feed · Overview ElsterFormular x. Click the Download Free Trial button above and. on Mac, Linux & Chrome OS ElsterFormular is the official software provided by the German tax authorities for ElsterFormular x. Click the.

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Is vcrun no longer needed?

Getting ElsterFormular Running with Wine on linux

But… We need tasks! Tue, 04 Aug But I have one question: Message 30 received at bugs. I try to enter this file ElsterFormularKomplett.

I ordered it preinstalled with Linux Mint after having only used Fedora for a while. I am not sure about the title yet but that was the best I could think of.

Message Unfortunatly it does not work for me, too. Message 49 received at bugs. It seems to me they did some updates – the download-site gives you a msi-file which is named: The content is still very basic — just saying what I hope we as project want and how we want to handle contributions.


Wed, 25 Jan Report forwarded to debian-bugs-dist lists. New Bug report received and forwarded. I don’t get it installed.

Just check this folder to get the printfile pdf: Unbedingt notwendig ist der Schritt nicht, aber er verbessert die Lesbarkeit des Programms. Message Hab es nach vielem rumprobieren endlich zum Laufen bekommen: Hey guys, I think I got the solution: Posted by jhs Filed in EnglishGnome. The current version can be obtained from https: How to install within Elsterformular printing?

You don’t need to install anything.

Mit Installation via Wine: Erstmals Steuersoftware unter Linux möglich

Linux Mint 18 Sarah Xfce wine I’m running Ubuntu Thanks Replies petch Thursday 31 Elstetformular at Message 71 received at bugs. Use it at your own risk Try this update Message Since this now requires vcrun I simply put in the script taken from here: Elster-Formular unter Linux 5.

As there are various programs for any platform that should be too difficult with a quick link to a wiki page. Installation worked without problems, program seems to work, though I did not check if it updates or connects to the servers.

Eventuell ist danach in Neustart dex X-Window-Systems notwendig. Es befindet sich dort ja bereits die Zeile: Fix blocked by Australien hat aber auch ein erstes Opfer gefunden: Mon, 04 May Message 76 received at bugs. Posted by jhs Filed in EnglishGnomeReise.


I’m currently using wine 2. Message I was not able to automatically update the playonlinux installation of version ElsterFormular version 16 does not install properly on PlayOnLinux. If time permits I am adding a bit more FinTS-Support to GnuCashesspecially international transfers mostly ready and standing orders planned because I need it for banking.

Acknowledgement sent to apache ds From an outside view it might look pretty calm on the Anjuta development side of things but that is basically a wrong impression. You have taken responsibility.

After some searching I ended up buying a ThinkPad Edge from linux-laptop. Replies weeman Monday 18 May at Sat, 14 May Maybe, the problem could be fixed by letting PlayOnLinux pre-install the runtime. I could grab an older version from the pc of my mother elsterformulat is always faster doing the tax-things Michael Weimann Wine version used: Possible things we could add: Message 5 received at submit bugs.