The Rising is the first book in a series of zombie-themed horror novels written by author Brian Keene. This title won the Bram Stoker Award for Best First Novel in. el alzamiento brian keene – Buscar con Google. Discover ideas about Book 1. El Alzamiento o The Rising (Brian Keene) novelas zombies. Book 1Book Club. Anibal libros para todos: El alzamiento — Brian Keene.

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Notable exception of insects, apparently. The story also keeps tabs on one of the other scientists in charge of the particle accelerator as he too seeks his destiny in a world full of the undead. Really I only need to give you a few examples of things that happen in thi Oh dear. If that doesn’t sell you on this book maybe the zombie lion and zombie birds will get ya!

Your prose can also benefit by not using the keens “again” or any word, really again and again t There are too many things wrong with this book. If I alzamieento I could save my kid, I’d take the chance too. To be fair, this book has a lot going for it. This is copy 51 of signed and numbered copies.

The moment he leaves the shelter, Jim is on the run discovering that the undead possess the ability to think, drive eel, use weapons, and set traps for the living.

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If you really think this is the way men would behave when society falls, I weep for your outlook on life. De verdad me molesta mucho cuando un libro no es conclusivo. Making the reader invest and using it to sell another book. Zombie baby tearing its way out of the zombie mothers womb and chasing after a guy while talking in sumerian? Meanwhile, Professor Baker, the scientist responsible for creating the zombie outbreak, finds that Ob is possessing his assistant who had decided to kill himself.


Jim is on a mission to get back home and save his son. I wasn’t expecting much. Among one of their exploits, they run into a father and son in hiding, who help them along the way until tragedy strikes in a double suicide for the two.

The Rising (The Rising #1) by Brian Keene

If each aalzamiento simply kills one living creature each day, the number of zombies will quickly reach uncontrollable levels. I was pleasantly surprised while reading this book.

I love the main character’s drive to find his son among all the destruction while banding together with an ex hooker and a preacher man As our hero is making his journey he crosses paths with other survivors all with their own survival stories. The different viewpoint characters are what set this apart from being a typical zombie killfest. ell

In this zombie book all living creatures that can move are susceptible to becoming a zombie. Brian Keene explains his reasons.

Early on it is revealed that scientists were experimenting with other realms and somehow weakened the barrier allowing demons clear access to dead bodies both human and animal. I like my zombies slow, dumb, and numerous. Nothing stays dead for long. The Rising broke a few rules, but wait a second Books by Brian Keene. Jim’s suicidal thoughts turn around into a new purpose – to rescue Danny.


What’s more, the zombies aren’t limited to humans. I did not feel like this was either a cliff hanger or open ended. A small group forms and tries to survive against the undead – only to learn that the real enemies slzamiento other survivors.

Damn, that would be my luck. With such glaring spelling and gramatical errors alzaimento So much for top horror being considered in any way as intelligent literature.

At the core of all this is our every-man hero, Jim, who just wants to make it to New Jersey to save his son. Do no l Firstly, I have never read a zombie book before.

The Rising was my first Brian Keene novel and I can’t wait to read more. These zombies are scarier. Views Read Edit View history.

Swarms of zombie birds are nothing to scoff at, not even in a helicopter. This book has a good deal of violence and gore to appease the darker natured reader. I know, all three of you. I absolutely could not believe what the characters had just allowed to happen. Brian Keene’s The Rising free for review.

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