Rudras are forms and followers of the god Rudra-Shiva and make eleven of the Thirty-three gods in the Hindu pantheon. They are at times identified with the. ekadasarudra, ekadasa rudra, 11rudras, Shiva, Siva, Rudra, rudram, However the 11 Rudras worshipped in the Ekadasa Rudrabhishekam Pooja is the most. These are the 11 forms of Rudra and their mantras. These mantras are very very effective when chanted during the stationary (Stambha) period.

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Best regards, Atma Raga. The etymology of the word Rudra is interpreted variously; and at times is confusing.

Shatarudriya hymns celebrates Rudra in his eleven forms as: While the Vamana Purana describes Rudras as the sons of Kashyapa and Aditi, Maruts are described distinct from the Rudras as 49 sons of Ditisister-wife of Aditi and attendants of Indra. Ekzdasa resembling blue-lotus; reddish eyebrows; three eyes of yellow tinge; fierce face with sharp tusks; all ornaments including sacred-thread made of snakes; garland of scorpions; band of skulls kapala mala round the matted hair yellow in colour done like keadasa crown; eight arms —the hands on the right holding trident, battle axe, sword and cudgel; while the left hands hold khatvangaskull cup, shield and noose.

Rudra is described as fierce; armed with the mighty bow pinakaand a quiver holding unending array of arrows and missiles which are terrifyingly swift and penetrating. They are typically envisioned as huge and robust male warriors, framing the sanctum doorways; and to flank the entrances to the temple complex.


His upper two hands hold battle axe parashu and deer. Rudra is therefore often depicted as riding a bull and carrying a trident or shooting arrows. The names of the eleven Rudras given in Canto 6 Chapter 6 Verse are:. Dear riverineThank you.

The serpent looks quite tiny in comparison to the mace on which ekkadasa Dwarapala has planted his foot. They vary from each other in regard to details such as the number of faces, arms, postures, colour and countenance of the faces.

Achintya—niyamo Rudro achintya-bala—purushah achintyan cha tad ajnanam na sakyam bhakthi-vatsalam.

When they move the mountains tremble and trees fall RV 1. He is praised as midvah rhdra, for his generosity. They govern the second ritual of sacrifice, the mid-day offering and the second stage of life — from the 24th to the 68 year of life.

The other version of Rudra-adhyaya appearing in the Taittiriya Samhita of Krishna Yajurveda Kanda 4; Praparthaka 5 is more comprehensive having as many as mantras, including the 66 kandika s of the Vajasaneyi Samhita. The other texts like Kalika puranaPadma puranaVishvakarma samhitaAparajita puccha, Shilpa rathnaShiva agama etc too carry their own descriptions of the Rudras.

While the Vamana Purana describes Rudras as the sons of Kashyapa and Aditi, Maruts are described distinct from the Rudras as 49 sons of Ditisister-wife of Aditi and attendants of Indra, rather than Rudra.

Ekadasa Rudra (11 Rudra Avatars)

Rudra who is endowed with strong arms, lustrous body decorated with ornaments and having flowing golden ekadqsa is said to be brown or tawny Bablusha or blue Neela in complexion; shining like sun and glittering like gold is endowed with sturdy limbs vajra-bahucharming lips. His distinctive characteristics are his fierce weapons and his medicinal powers.


He goes on to explain: The myths and legends that allege the origin of the Rudra abound. They carry in their upper hands battle axes parashu in one and black antelope krshna mriga in the other. They are fearful in nature.

Writing this article has been a sort of education to me. There is however a slight variation among the different traditions in eadasa the thirty-three deities. For that purposeyou might take the aid ruddra books like Siva Kosa two volumes and Indian Iconography three volumes authored by Prof SK Ramachandra Rao ; or similar other booksto explore the subject.

Rudra the howling one as a divinity associated with winds represents life-breath prana-vayu.

The Rudras Eleven | Sulekha Creative

There are various versions of the origin of Rudra, etymology of the term, types of Rudras, their names, attributes and their iconographic representations. He is clad in tiger skin and is decorated with snake ornaments.

But i can not find any additional information about dwarapals in google: There are prayers to appease the specific Rudras. Some have tried to present these numbers in graphic form. This page was last edited on 13 Septemberat Creative General The Rudras Eleven. Rig Veda rdra a set of thirty-three deities.