The Cognitive style of PowerPoint by Edward Tufte. Żaklina Sochacka. 2/20 cognitive adjective formal related to the process of knowing, understanding, and. Edward R. Tufte. The Cognitive Style of PowerPoint: Pitching Out Corrupts Within. Следующий Слайд. [NEXT SLIDE, PLEASE). ANFAli FulhL HET. FOR RE-. Trevor Murphy, Research based methods for using powerpoint, animation, and video for instruction, Proceedings of the 32nd annual ACM SIGUCCS fall.

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This is an amazing book on the problems of presentation style made possible by PP. He uses the example of NASA’s reliance on Boeing’s examination of the Challenger disaster using PP rather than technical papers, which unfortunately underscored the danger of the situation encountered by the Challenger team.

The Cognitive Style of PowerPoint: Pitching Out Corrupts Within

They are linear in the worst sense and do not allow the presenter to do anything other than present. Intellectual engagement — other than as the receiver of information — is impossible by the fact of these slides being as they are.

Can I get away with an informative handout? Tufte’s suggestion is to eschew PowerPoint in favor of handouts, which indeed can convey much more information more compactly. I’m not normally one to condemn a rant for failing to offer good alternatives – and this book more pamphlet is most definitely a rant – but one gets “The Cognitive Style of PowerPoint” has, at its heart, a reasonable message: I maintain that this is more engaging and effective than giving the audience something to read.


Presentations are Corrupting per Edward Tufte’s “The Cognitive Style of PowerPoint”

Little did I know that my objection wasn’t just my personal idiosyncrasy, and leave it to Tufte to broadcast the emperor’s nudity. In it he issues a challenge to everyone who presents information to bring clarity to their presentations and find a better way to use these tools that is currently being practiced.

The means PowerPoint provides for graphing data is neither informative nor intuitive, a point Tufte drives home re If you are a Tufte fan and have high hopes for this short booklet, you may be disappointed. The only other time he was able to find a medium that used less data in tables was in Pravda in the last years of the Soviet Union.

This can be challenging in teaching settings when you want to present a chart, but honestly I like to show the chart once and then draw it on the board later. Alas, slideware often reduces the analytical quality of presentations. Given the ubiquity of dreadful PowerPoint presentations in the workplace, this pamphlet should be required remedial reading for everyone.

Well, it’s 7th grade, what do I expect?

Presentations are Corrupting per Edward Tufte’s “The Cognitive Style of PowerPoint”

Oct 27, Kathrina rated it it was amazing Shelves: No trivia or quizzes yet. I knew then that I hated PowerPoint.

This is a short ca. Refresh and try again. Short, quick read more like an extended pamphlet that rages against the PowerPoint machine. This gave me plenty of opportunity to ponder just what a lame-assed piece of garbage PowerPoint was, to consider its various deficiencies and to despair at its insidious ubiquity throughout corporate America. This was a much more off read than I expected it to be.

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I gave a lot of thought to its aesthetics powerpoinf even attended a workshop on basic graphic de I first learned PowerPoint while I was a graduate student in the s. Your email address will not be published. Using specific examples, Powerpoinr explains how PowerPoint’s templates “usually weaken verbal and spatial reasoning and almost always corrupt statistical analysis,” and describes concrete ways to improve content of presentations.

But the final word should go to President Lincoln. Trivia About The Cognitive Sty He then goes though a number of books edwarc how to use PowerPoint and finds that overall the average of data items used on their slides is I first learned PowerPoint while I was a graduate student in the s.

The cognitive style of PowerPoint – Edward R. Tufte – Google Books

Jun 16, Joshua rated it it was amazing Shelves: Some of the material, as mentioned, is good, but a lot of it is weak. The concurrent class Edware in is requiring small groups to present once a week, and so far all of them have used PP to some degree. Instead the shuttle overheated and blew up upon reentry.

Dec 11, Jmswtsn rated it really liked it. He periodically travels around the United States to offer one-day workshops on data presentation and information graphics.