Regulation No of the Economic Commission for Europe of the United Nations (UN/ECE) Uniform provisions concerning the approval of: I. specific LPG . R is a European retrofit directive for LPG and CNG systems. This directive stipulates the emission, documentation and quality standards to be met by the. ece r pdf Vehicle Technology Division THE NETHERLANDS ( N E D E R L A N D) COMMUNICATION. Concerning(1): approval granted approval extended.

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Description of the retrofit system r15 all the relevant details, included the approval numbers of each component referred to in Annex 3A to this Regulation for LPG system and Annex 3B to this Regulation for CNG system.

Oxides of nitrogen, the latter being expressed in nitrogen dioxide NO 2 equivalent. Use the Advanced search. Name of administration Concerning 2: Type s include drawings …. Vehicle types in which the retrofit system can be installed M 1 and N 1 categoriesor vehicle types in which the retrofit system can be installed other categories of vehicles and, if applicable, CO 2 and power ratios see Addendum to this annex ….

One test is required if the result obtained for each pollutant subject to limitation is less than or equal to 0,7 the emission limit i. Vehicle No 1 2 n Make: Description of the parent vehicle s on which the requirements of this Regulation are going to be tested; 3. Exhaust emissions test in LPG mode Subject to the requirements of paragraph 6. Description of principle of adjustment through idle adjustment points.


Notwithstanding the requirements of paragraph 6.

ECE regulations: ECE R Supplement 5

Vehicles type s for which the retrofit equipment type is qualified: It is subject to the same emission limits or those specified in earlier series of amendments ecce the applicable Regulation. CH 2,52 for LPG.

Number of main adjustment points … 2. This document is an excerpt from the EUR-Lex website.

The requirements of Regulation No 67, 01 series of amendments, concerning the fixation of LPG container s or those of Regulation G115 concerning the fixation of CNG container s shall be deemed to be met if the container is secured to the motor vehicle by at least:.

End-user manual see para. The user manual shall indicate reference to the product type and version and production year for which it is applicable.

Ece r115 pdf

Retrofit system manufacturer responsible for retrofit approval application. Complete list of information ecee the purpose of type-approval of a CNG retrofit system installed on a vehicle.

Vehicle types in eece the retrofit system can be installed M1 and N1 categoriesor vehicle types in which the retrofit system can be installed other categories of vehicles and, if applicable, CO2 and power ratios see Addendum to this annex …. Provisions for dual fuel have still to be defined.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

Specific CNG retrofit system of an approved type may consist of several components as classified and approved according to Regulation NoPart I and the specific vehicle instruction manual. Place of installation … 2.

R15 tests are required if, for each pollutant subject to limitation the following requirements are met: Operational principles of the retrofit system. The installation of the system shall be done in accordance with the ec manual provided by the retrofit system manufacturer, Parts I and II.


Calculation of the CO 2 emissions and fuel consumption for M 1 and N 1 categories of vehicles 6. Basic software principles and control strategy. Description of the LPG retrofit system 2.

The installation manual shall contain the maintenance schedule in which all the ordinary service type which the single components r1115 well as the system shall undergo through their working life time and km covered by the vehicle will be specified.

The mean fuel consumption shall be calculated in the same way as for the mean of CO 2 emissions, as defined in paragraph 6. If maintenance is required, the user manual shall state the frequency and type of maintenance to be carried out. Consider that the modifications made are unlikely to have an appreciably adverse effect and that in any case the retrofit system still complies with the d115, or 8.

Drawing of the symbol. Scrapping of the product The user manual shall give proper indication about precautions to be taken when the system has to be removed from the vehicle. Measurement of the LPG mass consumed during the Type I test cycle shall be done by a fuel weighing system capable of measuring the weight of the LPG storage container during the test in accordance with the following:.