Once a member of House Phiarlan and one of the greatest wizards of the Twelve, Mordain d’Phiarlan delved into the forbidden knowledge of the Closed Circle. Fernia, the Sea of Fire is a continually burning landscape. Plates of compressed ash and debris float atop oceans of liquid flame as mountains ooze with molten. Dungeons & Dragons Eberron Campaign Guide RRP $ the exciting world of Eberron, as well as tons of material for your homebrew D&D campaign.

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These same dinosaurs have been spotted on the northern islands of the Lhazaar Principalities. Please help improve it by replacing them with more appropriate citations to reliable, independent, third-party sources.

Chicago, Illinois, Estados Unidos. The plane of Fernia is comprised almost entirely of liquid flame. In the wild, clawfoots use pack tactics to hunt their prey.

Dinosaur | Eberron Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Like their cousins the carvers and great carvers, clawfoots bring down their prey with their speed and their talons. Don’t forget that he wrote on the 4e books, as well as many most? Like most dinosaurs, bladeteeth can track by scent, and possess both low-light vision and darkvision.

Since his exile, Mordain has spoken to nobody. Mordain has secured his tower against scrying and teleportation. Eberron Player’s Guide, Great Extras!! Please enable JavaScript to get the best experience from this site. Clawfoots are used as war mounts by the halflings of the Talenta Plains. A halfling rides a clawfoot dinosaur, from the Eberron Campaign Setting.


My handling fees have risen a bit over the last several years, but not as quickly as the charges for selling on eBay. Views Read Edit View history.

Mordain the Fleshweaver

It would be great if WotC would do more system neutral stuff but a lot can be mined and ebegron for ebedron materials.

The Genie’s Curse Birthright: I will add, its a shame that the material on Aberrant Dragonmarks was cut from the Sharn source book. The swordtooth titan’s head alone is nearly 6 feet tall, with its teeth measuring between 3 eberon 6 inches long. Nor do the fees I charge fully compensate me for the labor and materials necessary to process a purchase. While the fastieths are not trained for combat and prefer to flee rather than fight, they are capable of defending themselves with lunging bite attacks.

It possesses powerful hind legs, but its forearms are vestigial and near useless. Monto de la oferta actual. Its tail juts directly out of its rear end, held aloft by an intricate skeletal structure.

Spinebacks tens to start combat by emitting a soul-searing eberrron bellow, which freezes its prey in ebrrron in fear. In addition to its ability to pounce and to rake its targets, bladeteeth can also trample their foes beneath their strong hind legs. Thin spines run along the fleshraker’s back and sinuous tail.

They are too small to carry a medium-sized humanoid, but can perfectly accommodate the small-sized halflings, in addition to their light gear and packs.

List of Eberron modules and sourcebooks – Wikipedia

Eberron Campaign Guidepg. While threehorns are not carnivorous, they can still be deadly.


The exact reason behind this fin is unknown. Also listened to manifest. Coming from an anemic 5. Training usually takes six months, and a young battletitan can fetch up togp on the open market. Two large horns jut from the bloodstriker’s forehead, which it uses to burrow away from hunters. Recently I’ve been reading the 3.

I also didn’t realize he had no input in it. Fleshrakers are dinosaurs that can walk on both two legs and four.

Eberron: The World That We Won’t Forget.

I usually I am a stickler for stuff like that. There is a lot of good material in the 3. With the halflings 4., they began raiding the forces of ebereon neighboring nations of Cyre, Karrnathand Valenaroften sending herded dinosaurs into their enemies’ front lines. The 13 Major Planes: Dinosaurs originated on the continents of Argonnessen, Khorvaire, Xen’drik, and the Frostfell.

And it always has been and always will be.

Agregar a Lista de favoritos Eliminar de Lista de favoritos. A retired member of the Wayfinder Foundation seeks this unusual creature and wants him brought to Sharn.

Fernia becomes coterminous for one month the midsummer month of Lharvion every five years. It cannot swallow its prey whole, so it uses its large legs to pounce on its eberrno, then grab them with its large jaws.

Each of the four limbs possess a pair of six-inch-long hooked claws.