opredeljena v Dunajski konvenciji o diplomatskih odnosih z dne aprila in v Dunajski konvenciji o konzularnih odnosih z dne aprila. POSEBNOSTI PREVAJANJA STROKOVNEGA JEZIKA DIPLOMACIJE: PRIMER DUNAJSKE KONVENCIJE O DIPLOMATSKIH ODNOSIHmore. by Tanja Žigon. CMSR. Center za mednarodno sodelovanje in razvoj. DKDO. Dunajska konvencija o diplomatskih odnosih. DKKO. Dunajska konvencija o konzularnih odnosih.

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Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. There is diplomarskih large presence of translators without formal education in the Slovene market, partly because until the s there were no independent translation programs, but also because of the popular notion that anybody who speaks a Immunity from legal process shall not apply in respect of a civil action for damages arising from an accident in the territory of a Party caused by a vehicle, vessel or aircraft operated by any Representative of a Member State, Liaison Officer, Director General, Director, member of the SELEC Staff, or Representative of an Operational Partner, nor shall immunity from legal process apply in respect of a traffic offense.

The state of host and odnoih state of sender do often not have similar interests, so there is a big possibility that it comes to arguments. Your browser does not allow JavaScript! Such Operational Partner shall have the right and duty to waive the immunity in cases where, in its opinion, the immunity would impede the course of justice and would not prejudice the purposes for which the immunity is accorded.

Privileges and Immunities of the Representatives of the Member States. Reasons related to pragmatic competence, discourse position and form are examined.

Register shifts in translations of popular fiction from English into Slovene more. Raziskava temelji na analizi Dunajske However, with respect to the acts done by those persons in the exercise of their functions, immunity shall continue to subsist.


Should such consultations and negotiations fail to resolve the dispute within six months, the parties shall submit the dispute to the Council for consideration and appropriate action. Voting is allowed only for logged in users. Secondly, the paper analyses the changing position of Hamlet in the Slovene literary system, progressing from the place of an respected classic play, reserved for literary connoisseurs, at the beginning of the 19th century, toward the status of one of the most popular and widely loved plays after the World War I.

In case of a dispute between two or more Parties or between a Party and SELEC concerning the interpretation or application of this Protocol, the parties concerned shall seek a solution through mutual consultations and negotiations. The Lord of the Rings become less formal, colloquial-style texts e.

The Slovene translations are also compared with the Serbo-Croatian translation, which is the only official translation of the Convention ratified by the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in Help Center Find new research papers in: The translator interprets the source text The study is based on an analysis of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations of placed in effect inits versions in three of the official languages of the UN English, French, and Russianthe two unofficial Slovene translations, and the German translation.

Hamlet, and with it Shakespeare, truly arrived in Slovenia only about a century ago when the first complete translations were staged in the emerging Slovene theatres. Each country has its own law, which is used in whole area of the country. Although its almost mythological status dwindled to that of a mere classic after a while, it did, as a true folk play should, accompany the Slovene audience through all crucial periods in the recent history of the nation: Click here to sign up.


For the purposes of this Protocol: Though pragmatic elements such as hedging have been recognised as potentially challenging in intercultural communication, translation of hedging devices has received limited research attention. Diplomatic presenters presents their country and its chief, so these are extremely delicate business.

Because of immunity there is a big possibility that diplomatic agents abuse their immunity.


This paper analyzes parts of seven novels of various subgenres, and finds a general shift towards an unmarked formal register and a neutral Please enable JavaScript or use a modern browser. Za izvajanje protokola skrbita Ministrstvo za notranje zadeve in Ministrstvo za finance — Carinska uprava Republike Slovenije.

There have been a lot of abuses of immunity in past, so some restrictions must be used to avoid the abuse. Without being subject to any financial controls or moratoria of any kind, SELEC may, within the territory of the Parties, freely: Representatives of Operational Partners who eiplomatskih posted to SELEC under a cooperation agreement shall be accorded the privileges and immunities that are accorded to Liaison Officers of the Member States, except to the extent those privileges and immunities are limited by the cooperation agreement concluded between the Operational Partner and SELEC.

The original of this Protocol in a single copy in the English language shall be deposited with the Dunaska which shall transmit a certified copy to each Party.