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Find drakdnsang pouch candied kosh bunting tongues The pouch can be found near the wagon sitting between the apple tree and the bridge leading to Ferdok. The most interesting room is 12 where you will find some very interesting weapons and armor. Then the guard will return and thank you for your help. Talk to hunter Owlstone Tell him that you’ve slain White Fur.

He will give you a new quest: You can aid him by giving him a healing potion or using healing skills of one of your characters.

You will be headed to the “Golden Lance” 8where the Black Amazons are hiding. It is right It’s right beside peddler Holwick, near “Serene Sow” 3 in a basement 2. Boris the Bandit 2. When you’ll arrive on the spot you will find him in the middle of the fight with a wolf. I know about your ring. Find Mage Rakorium IT seems almost drakensan for those two to find their mentor, so you’re their only hope.

The solution to the riddle is: For a handful of Ducats continued – house Neisbeck Malt and hop Pagol Babek 9 has another work for you. Since she doesn’t have the money you’ll have to pay.

Full stomach Find another buyer The quest continues in the next chapters. Gather information at the “Silver Pitcher” Head to the “Silver Pitcher” and talk to the innkeeper 3to learn that dwarf Regash 14 has just left. The third person is a woman tell her that you suspect her of being the Fox and then use the social skills to confirm it. Few moments later Gladys will approach you. Escort Ingania to Tallon Inagania is afraid to walk alone all the way to Tallon and will ask you to escort her.


He’ll try to resist, but once you’ll land a successful hit he will surrender and agree to follow you to the camp. Chain, innkeeper’s money Return the stolen money to the innkeeper Return the stolen money to innkeeper Pebbleber of Moorbridge and Ibrom from Wagoner’s Home. Oneberries can also be found in barrels throughout the area.

Help him the hunter, not the wolf and he will thank you for assistance. Don’t agree and haggle over the price, refusing his propositions, then ask for 2 ducats.

You can either sell them now or keep on searching for a better buyer. On your way to the ruins you will encounter the witches, who will hand you some very valuable presents, though what you get exactly depends on how much blood poradnuk shed – the less, the better.


Return to the temple of Hesinde You have completed the quest ordered by the Oracle you now have to return to Ferdok. The Oracle, will speak to you again entrusting you with yet another mission. Kliknij 2 razy na drugiego drwala.

She will advise you to talk to Berndrik 19who may have some vital information concerning the witch.

Gothic 3 PL Edycja Rozszerzona

Once you get all of these, he will produce a magic powder. Inside the workshop you will find 80 Ducats, Ardo’s family sword and the description of his adventures. This time you will have to force Storrebrandt messenger 12 to hand over the delivery receipt. Press the bottommost one to receive a key and a piece of paper. Tree by the bridge Chop down the tree He has a new mission for you. Bribe the guard commander Give Tashman the money and then follow him thf search of pogadnik “culprits”.


Elixir recipe Search for Oracle stones Statue pieces 12, 13 and 16 can be found on levels 3 and 4. You will learn that some time has passed since he disappeared into the marshes.

Evil Tree, Gwendala The innkeeper wants you to get rid of them. After the fight Grand Inquisitor da Vanya will appear and start questioning you and the archivist.


Talk to guard commander Tashman Head to Port Ugdan. Ghe will ask you to find a replacement beard for him – the best possible one would be the fur of the dog he fought. Find out the secret of the ruins Enter the thhe The ruins entrance 25 is on the far side of the castle. You need to obtain the key to his cell in order to free him. Treat Fluffy with a Be Calm spell. The now-derelict mine is full of spiders and skeletons.

Find giant firefly meat for Knowall In the east you will come across a fat firefly You will receive this quest at the beginning of the chapter from the escaping mercenary 2.

Use it to get to the tower On his body you will find Greaves of fire. Haggle drakennsang a while then decide that you will keep them to yourself and sell to someone else.

At the end of the conversation he will promise to pay the debt. His wife will get pretty mad upon learning of his infidelity.