Well, sorry for my no correct English, but I will try to explain that the famous Concerto in A major by Dragonetti, was written by Edoard Nanny and edited from . Domenico Carlo Maria Dragonetti (7 April – 16 April ) was an Italian double bass . “Ever since the publication by Leduc () of [the concerto in A major] there has been a question concerning its true authorship. It is now generally. “The Dragonetti Concerto (secretly by Edouard Nanny) is one of the most popular pieces in the student bassist’s repertoire. It’s a fun romp across the positions.

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Dragonetti had no close family, but had many close friends in the musical world in London. The premiere of this work, as well as of Beethoven’s seventh symphony was performed on 8 December in the University’s Festsaal, with Dragonetti leading the double basses.

Mention is made of this on The Contrabass Shoppe web concsrto which says I have told you that the drragonetti in absolute in all over the world to record the original one has been Stefano SCIASCIA thanks to a microfilm and adding only two horns and two bassons.

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Domenico Dragonetti – Wikipedia

His ability on the instrument also demonstrated the relevance of writing scores for the double bass in the orchestra separate from that of the cellowhich was the common rule at the time. Some of the compositions by Dragonetti include. Viola da Gamba Family.


Another trip was therefore scheduled in Ubaldo Fioravanti has recorded some of them in his Cd. They even granted him a leave for a year, with a continuation in his wages, to go to the King’s Concertto in London.

Just pay attention to the original one, the one edit by Malaric. But probably there will be someone who will use better ones.

Concerto for double bass and piano.

Click on the image for the free download. Give a look around the site!

Category:Dragonetti, Domenico – IMSLP/Petrucci Music Library: Free Public Domain Sheet Music

It’s not only my opinion but also important musicologies have noted something wrong. They made a specialty at playing Arcangelo Corelli ‘s sonatas. Views Read Edit View history. He was an avid collector, and did indeed collect dravonetti, sometimes taking one along on trips to amuse the children, of whom he was very fond.

Many years afterwards Dragonetti related the following anecdote to Samuel Appleby, Esq.


Well, sorry for my no correct English, but I will try to explain that the famous Concerto in A major by Dragonetti, was written by Edoard Nanny and edited from Sankey. He wrote piano accompaniments to some of his concert pieces, and they maintained a lifelong correspondence.

There’s no comparison with the Nanny’s one who can be considered at five levels under the original one in matter of beautyness and difficulty: In the page above dr. When he died, the following instruments were dispatched: Similarly, it is reputed that Dragonetti was presented with an instrument made by Mmajor da Salo — by majr Benedictine nuns who occupied St Peter’s monastery in Vicenza where Dragonetti lived and played in the Grand Opera. Now the Double Bass has borned”.


At the Italian Opera orchestra, he met the cellist Robert Lindleywho became his close friend and with whom he shared the stand during dragonettj years. Inhe finally moved to London to play in the orchestra of the King’s Theatreand settled there for the remainder of his life. Dragonetti came back to Vienna for an extensive stay in A hand endowed with five fingers so long, big and agile, that all five, including the bent thumb, go up and down the fingerboard each playing a note.

Double Bass Concerto in G major, Op.1 (Dragonetti, Domenico)

The authoritative source for information on him is the book of Dr. Archivio compresso in formato ZIP Questo sito utilizza i cookie. He soon became the principal bassist.

In the Palmer biography, a footnote refers to a account by C.