15+ million members; + million publications; k+ research C1 Minimum distance of m from rivers DN COPAM* Nº/ selection was based on the restrictions presented on DN COPAM N 0 /, references from previous studies, and social and environmental negative. COPAM – Conselho Estadual de Política Ambiental (). Dispõe Sobre a Política. Estadual de Resíduos Sólidos, DN Copam /, Belo Horizonte, MG.

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Performance evaluation of horizontal subsurface flow constructed wetlands in the treatment of UASB reactor effluent, based on four years of monitoring. However, in most studies in similar areas, the species richness was greater than that presented in this survey Silveira et al, ; Costa et al, ; Moura et al, ; Cross et al. Snakes – Part II: Another dj to the 1118 fauna that was noted is fires.

These authors considered that these two species were endemic to the Atlantic Forest biome.

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L -1 ; chemical oxygen demand: Ameiva ameiva,; Ameivula ocellifera ddn,, ; Leposternon microcephalum,; Aspronema dorsivittatum; Atractus pantostictus, ; Bothrops jararaca, ; Bothrops neuwiedi; Chironius flavolineatus; Chironius quadricarinatus ; Echinanthera melanostigma; Ecpleopus gaudichaudi, ; Enyalius bilineatus, ; Oxyrhopus guibei, ; Philodryas olfersii; Sibynomorphus mikanii; Sibynomorphus neuwiedi; Tropidurus itambere; Tropidurus torquatus,; Salvator merianae; Xenodon merremii, During this study, threats to the reptile fauna were detected at the sampling sites.

Para Davies et al. A comparison of herpetofaunal sampling effectiveness of pittfall, single-endede, and double-ended funnel traps used with drift fences. These studies have even shown that the distribution of some species is increasing Santos et al ; Novelli et al. Among the snakes, Dipsadidae showed the greatest richness, with a total of nine species. Proceedings … Avignon, France: In a Oxyrhopus guibei, b Sibynomorphus mikanii, c Sibynomorphus neuwiedi, d Taeniophallus affinis, e Xenodon merremii, f Bothrops colam, g Bothrops neuwiedi, h Crotalus durissus.


Morphology, phylogeny and taxonomy of South American bothropoid pitvipers Serpentes, Viperidae. The methods that were used in the present study are the ones that are most used.

Specimens found during maintenance tasks on the farm known as Coliseum weeding, maintenance of fence posts, planting and cleaning and during other everyday jobs in the region were also registered in the present copqm. Although fields with sparse dh were only sampled at one point, this vegetation type presented important results because of the six species recorded at the sampling site, of which four were unique to this environment.

Sampling methods The Squamata reptile sampling was conducted once a week between November and November In the study by Cruz et al. Bothropoides neuwiedi Wagler, Squamata: According to reports from residents, such occurrences are common in the APA.

RESOLUÇÃO COPAM NºXX, de XX de Janeiro de

Reptilia, Squamata, Gymnophthalmidae, Heterodactylus imbricatus Spix, These data corroborate those found in copa, present study. Reptiles form a prominent group in almost all terrestrial assemblages, with more than 10, known species worldwide Uetz The north face of the mountain range is subject to strong anthropic pressure, such as wood-cutting activities and the presence of tracks and garbage resulting from tourism.

The remnants of the Atlantic Forest in Ckpam Gerais have been identified as being of interest for conservation because of high anthropogenic pressure caused by urbanization and deforestation Drummond et al.


To identify specimens, field guides, keys and descriptions in papers Peters et al. Reptilia, Squamata, Leiosauridae, Urostrophus vautieri: This makes it possible both for animals typical of forest environments and for animals typical of open areas to occupy this type of habitat. L -1 ; total Kjeldahl nitrogen: Philodryas olfersii Lichtenstein, However, recent molecular studies have indicated that it has greater taxonomic complexity.

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Sibynomorphus neuwiedi Ihering, The genus Ecpleopus is currently considered to be monotypic, consequent to its last review by Uzzell Local richness and distribution of copa, lizard fauna in natural habitat mosaics of the Brazilian Cerrado. Among the priority areas for biodiversity copma in Minas Gerais that have been defined Drummond et al.

Juiz de Fora, Minas Gerais. Agricultural and Forest Meteorologyv. Although the traps used for sampling Squamata in this study are not ideal for tree-dwelling species and semi-arboreal species, the most abundant species in this study E.

The other region was located at the western end of the mountain, near the Mangue trail. L -1 ; SST: Statistical estimation of species richness and shared species from samples. A vida sobre pedras.