Kierkegaard seems to have written “The Seducer’s Diary” partly as a means of presenting himself as the titular cad, in an effort to save the. “In the vast literature of love, The Seducer’s Diary is an intricate curiosity–a This work, a chapter from Kierkegaard’s first major volume, Either/Or, springs from . Diary of a Seducer records Johannes’s discovery of a girl with the Shakespearean name Cordelia, whom he sets out to control. Intricately.

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Unfortunately they were both abnormal and therefore had only a disturbing effect upon his development. Kierkegaard lets an alter ego write a book in which an anonymous and fictional character reproduces a diary he found of another fictional character Johannes.

Intricately, meticulously, cunningly, the seduction proceeds. He asks if God seduces 1, people at one time or if he seduces one single individual at a time in order to make a believer. The story is told by Johannes, a man ten years Cordelias senior, who spins a sedufer, to bring this young girl of seventeen, into womanhood through an erotic seduction of the kierkegzard. Commitment is an important characteristic of the ethicist.

Her mother urged her to speak; she hesitated, she yielded, and leaving the room without a word, she presently returned with a book in her hand. Jul 06, Brigitte rated it really liked it. I do not beg you, I do not humbly entreat you to show yourself in this manner or that; such worship would be idolatry, not acceptable unto you.

And he entered the temple and began to drive out those who sold, saying not them: It is in the Either or the aesthetic part that Seducer’s Diary finds its place. It is impossible for me, in A, really to be stricter than I am in B, or wish to be that.

At 36, Valizadeh is still chasing sexual conquests while simultaneously tiring of them.

The art of seduction is a simultaneous art of alternating strokes of hope and reminiscence, never of present. But Johannes only uses Edward — to his own advantage of course — exposing Cordelia sedhcer the differences between Edward and himself.

The Seducer’s Diary

Amazon Renewed Refurbished products with a warranty. In order to prompt the first self to this withdrawal, the deeper self lets the surrounding world kierkegasrd what it is-remain dubious. Refined immediacy is characterized by planning how best to enjoy life aesthetically.


But who is he, where is he? Customers who viewed this item also viewed. Show your love with a gift to The Conversation to support our journalism. Do you think that you can act as you do and be a philosopher, that you can eat, drink, be angry, be discontented, as you kifrkegaard now?

Imagine eternity in a confusion like that; imagine a man like that on Judgment Day; imagine hearing the voice of God, “Have you believed?

With Kierkegaard the two opposing modes of contemplation of life are represented by a follower of aesthetics, and a judge of the supreme court, with Paludan-Muller by celebrated names in history; no less a man than the conqueror of the world, Alexander the Greatrepresents in Kalanus the aesthetic view of life, and the opponent allotted to him is the philosopher Kalanus.

Either/Or – Wikipedia

Oddly enough he succeeds. These memories are meticulously planned beforehand, masterly orchestrated, and eloquently described on the pages of the diary. Does such an emphasis not obscure the creative aspects of human freedom? Then the first self either must proceed to kill the deeper self, to render it forgotten, whereby the whole matter is given up; or it must admit that the deeper self is right, because to want to predicate constancy of something that continually changes is indeed a contradiction, and as soon as one confesses that it changes, it can of course, change in that same moment.

After all, you are not supposed to give birth to another human being; you are supposed to give birth only to yourself. Then it’s over, you never get time to process the end.

You, my only confident, the only being whom I consider worthy of being my ally and my enemy, always the same by forever being different, always incomprehensible, always a riddle! Following the example of society, French literature had been making merry at the expense of marriage; Rousseau, therefore, defied the spirit of the times by writing a book in its honour. It is an earnest and significant moment when a person links himself to an eternal power for an eternity, when he accepts himself as the one whose remembrance time will never erase, when in an eternal and unerring sense he becomes conscious of himself as the person he is.


That is why lovers of Tivoli are so little interested in eternity, for it is the nature of eternity always to be the same, and the sobriety of the spirit is recognizable in the knowledge that a change in externalities is mere diversion, while change in the same is inwardness. The lectures turned out to be a disappointment for many in Schelling’s audience, including Mikhail Bakunin and Friedrich Engelsand Kierkegaard described it as “unbearable nonsense”.

The ethical and the ethical-religious have nothing to do with the comparative. Kierkegaard believed the spiritual element was missing in Don Juan’s and in Faust’s view of life.

Kant thought that man was his own legislator autonomy ; that is, subjecting himself to the law that he gives to himself. Get to Know Us. He writes letters for the dead like the historians do. Scott Moore’s Summary of the Diary”. For him, tautology is the highest realm of thought. How much of the seducer Johannes is in Kierkegaard? What did she want?

Diary of a Seducer: Søren Kierkegaard, Alastair Hannay: : Books

Why keep a diary of your feats of seduction, if you are interested only in the mortal and ephemeral conquest of the moment? This is what I will; this is what I ask of anyone I am to admire, of anyone I am really to approve-that during the day he think only of the category of his life and dream about it at night. The more you know about yourself the more you can find your eternal validity. Kierkegaard strongly criticised both the Hegelianism of his time and what sefucer saw as the empty formalities of the Church of Denmark.

Either way, however, an individual can go too far in these realms and lose sight of his or her true self.

The eager traveler hurries forward to the new, to the novel, and, indeed, away from experience.