Dhirubhai Ambani, (Dhirajlal Hirachand Ambani), Indian industrialist (born Dec. 28, , Chorwad, Gujarat, India—died July 6, , Mumbai. Dhirubhai Hirachand Ambani (Gujarati: ધીરુભાઈ અંબાણી) also known as Dhirubhai, (28 December – 6 July ) was an Indian. Dhirubhai Ambani is not an unheard name to an Indian entrepreneur. As the founder of If you’re born poor it’s not your fault but if you die poor it’s your fault.

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Criticism Despite his almost Midas Touch, Ambani has been known to have flexible values and an unethical streak running through him. Unfortunately, our editorial approach may not be able to accommodate all contributions. Ambani was one of four children of Dhirubhai Ambaniwho…. Retrieved from ” https: Damani was a cautious trader and did not believe in building yarn inventories, Dhirubhai was a known risk taker and he believed in building inventories, anticipating a price rise, and making profits.

Krishnaswamy Rao Pattadakal Venkanna R. Ambani had won the battle at this point. Hirachand and Jamanaben had two daughters – Trilochanaben and Jasuben and three sons – Ramnikbhai, Dhirubhai and Natubhai. Santosh Sadasivan 21 August at Curious to learn the tricks of the trade, he soon started working simultaneously for a Gujarati trading firm.

But did you know that he started his journey with only Re 1 and while he has created wealth, it not just for him but equally for his thousands of shareholders. Later when I used to draft letters to ministers and senior officials during my early Bombay days, I used whole vhirubhai of quotations, phrases and impressive words from these two books.


DhirubhaiAmbani was on 28thDec. Those days Aden was the second busiest trading and oil bunkering port in autobiigraphy world after London handling over 6, ships and 1, dhows a year. Ambani returned from Yemen to India and started “Majin” in partnership with Champaklal Damani, his second cousin, [10] who lived with him in Turkey.

He was then promoted to the oil filling station at the newly built harbour. Following his first stroke inAmbani handed over control of Reliance to ambxni sons, Mukesh and Anil. The BirthAnniversary of the popular Indian business tycoon Mr. Meanwhile, he accumulated a workforce of 35 men from Calcutta, Indore and Bombay to work in the factory.

The settlement caused an enormous uproar in the market. It is believed that both had different temperaments and a different take on how to conduct business. Critics believed that there were many other businessman in the country who were using more unfair and unethical practices but Goenka chose to target only Ambani and not the others. He was also highly impatient of the oppressive grinding mill of the school classroom.

Born into a Parsi family, Jamsetji was the first child and only son of Nusserwanji Tata. Initially, they had two assistants to help them with their business. ByReliance became huge and thriving, a stark contrast to its starting days. He enjoyed visiting the ships, making friends with sailors and the engine staff I heard from them first hand accounts of their voyages in different parts of the world of which he had until then read about only in books and magazines. Starting on a small scale, he soon made big deals in yarn to the point of being elected a director of the Bombay Yarn Merchants Association.

Three years later, it received a nod of excellence from the World Bank, a fact that speeded the upgradation and expansion of all plant operations.



Dhirubhai’s control over stock exchange InReliance Industries came up against a rights issue regarding partly convertible debentures. Although Dhirubhai’s father had died inhe had in the meantime been blessed with his first son, Mukesh D.

For more on his life and profile, read on.

Franchise retail outlets were started and they used to sell “only Vimal” brand of textiles. He shaped the ‘equity culture’ in India and generated billions amvani rupees in wealth for those who put their trust in his companies.

Dhirubhai Ambani Biography

Since he could not make large investments, he settled as a spice trader under the name Reliance Commercial Corporations. Dihrubhai Ambani was born in a Autobiograpuy baniya family to Hirachand Govardhandas Ambani and Jamanaben in the village of Chorwad in the district of Junagarh.

Ramnath Goenka was also considered to be close to Nusli Wadia. December 28 He could do all this just because he could dream, and dream big. The bulls kept on buying and a price of Rs. Textiles were manufactured using polyester fibre yarn.

Dhirubhai Ambani

This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Later on, Ramnath Goenka chose to support Nusli Wadia. I cannot work any more. If you work with determination ammbani with perfection, success will follow. He married Kokilaben in