43 dated to. DGS&D Manual, approved by Government of India, Department of Commerce and available on DGS&D website. The new Manual on Procurement of Goods has been extensively revised in keeping with . One Stop Government e-Marketplace (GeM) by DGS&D The Pharmaceuticals Purchase Policy4, is intended to ensure. The “Procurement Manual” provides the essential information and brief .. DGS&D rate are optional and should be taken as referral case only, DGS&D.

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Electronics should have temperature compensation for proper charging of thebattery throughout the year. Green Channel firms will also abide by the terms and conditions as containedin Correction Slip 36 dated If a tenderer states that the Excise Duty is NIL,he must intimate the basis for thesame and also confrim that no Excise Duty will be charged by him under anycircumstances. Jurisdiction is place of issue of the Dhsnd Contract.

Fuse should be provided to protect against short circuit conditions. Budget Must Stimulate Growth In its pre-Budget recommendations, CII has stressed that to revive growth momentum, new avenues must be devised to augment investment. In case no information about excise duty is given, it will be taken as inclusive in terms of provisions of Para – Page 20 of 29 Page 28 of Pursuant to the Correction Slip No.

Growth was broad-based across all sectors, including agriculture, manufacturing and services. Page 10 of There should be a Name Plate fixed inside the module which will give: The valueof the Contract or Supply Order shall be all inclusive, including all taxes andduties. Servicetax at prevailing rate as applicable shall be chargeable as extra on the DepartmentalCharges.


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The lamp housing should be water proof and should be painted with a corrosionresistant paint. No other mode of submission of Bids shall be accepted and such offers will be mnual ignored. Therefore, the same must be submitted through e-Tendering only. The street lighting system including the battery will be warranted for a periodof five years from the date of supply. PV module converts sun light into electricity, charges the battery which powers theluminaire.

Compact Fluorescent Lamp of 11 Watt. In Model-4 either two modules of 37 Wp each or one module of 74 Wp canbe used. If the tenderer do not have sun simulator ,they shall have a testing facility tocheck the power output of PV module offered for inspection by comparing the poweroutput with power out put of calibrated modules by resistive loading at availablenaturalsun intensity.

The following minimum details must beprovided in the Manual: The Tenderers quoting for fully imported stores are required to submit the following Page 2103 of 29 documents along with their tenders: Pursuant to Correction Slip No. Quasi sine wave or sine wave typeAverage duty cycle: We understand that the President is expected to sign the GSP extension later this week.

Page 26 of The lamp should be a 7 Watt compact fluorescent lamp CFL dvsnd 4 pins only alongwith proper pre-heating circuit. Go to GeM Website. The voltage drop from module terminals to the battery terminals should notexceed 0.

Page 21 of 29 Pursuant to Correction Slip No. Page 27 of These issues need to be discussed in a forum of CFOs to understand their impact on the manua, front. Page 22 of If however, thetenderer confirms that they shall not charge any Excise Duty even if it becomespayable at a later date for whatever reasons, no loading of Excise Duty in such acase will be done.


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The fee for processing the complaint is Rs. The system should have protection against battery overcharge and deep dischargeconditions. Tenderes should quote guaranteed monthly rate of supply item-wise and time, if anyrequired for commencement of supply after placement of order, failing which, thetender will be treated as incomplete.

Published by Guset User Dgsnd manual pdf Tenderer shall have calibrated PV modules ,type tested lantern,type tested homelighting system,type tested street lighting system duly signed on the stcker affixedon it by the test laboratory for comparison by the inspecter with the offered lot.

Director of the concerned Purchase Directorate will be the designated personfor receipt of such communications who will be responsible for accounting of them. The abetment charges, if any, shall also be indicated.

A distinctive serial number starting with NSM will be engraved on the frame ofthe module or screen printed on the tedlar sheet of the module.

The Warranty Card to be supplied with the system must contain the details of thesystem.