David N. Talbott (born ) is a self-taught comparative The Saturn Myth: A reinterpretation of rites and symbols illuminating some of the. This article is about the book. See also: The Saturn Theory. The Saturn Myth ( ) is a book by David Talbott, which proposes that ancient myths and tradition . David Talbott is the author of The Saturn Myth and co-author (with Wallace Thornhill) of The Electric Universe. He is a comparative mythologist in the Velikovsky.

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If Talbott’s account is true, the world and sky we know is not what our ancient ancestors knew.

Perhaps the most interesting aspects of the account is the unification of symbolism not merely on meaning, but also in the most unintelligible aspect: There is one crucial bad argument about the identification of Saturn with Helios.

Stephanie Dray marked it as myyth Nov 16, Bhut marked it as to-read Mar 10, Even at tabott hand and misinterpreted to boot, it can still point one in the path of useful research.

The Saturn Myth by David N. Talbott

I am at once the seed and the egg enclosure of the central sunthe Great Father who is Dagid daughter’s s Behold, I am He who is safe in His aten for ever and ever, for I wear the girdle of the goddess Nut who has accepted this Pepi into her. He also completed a year of graduate work in Urban Studies. Well not quite – and I will be finishing this book.


My khu words of power form the fiery, watery bread speech, primeval matter of szturn Cosmos Heaven, World, body and all creation.

The pictures and the symbols in the book are grainy and blurry and the overall quality is poor. Kia marked it as to-read May 19, I know I can never view traditional astronomy or even the present concept of religion in the same light after spending time with this book. This book is a systematic re-interpretative account of the ancient world myths connected to the planet-god Saturn through a thorough integration of empirical mythological record.

The Saturn Myth

The author however should learn that repeated assertion does not make a good argument! The total lack of knowledge and probable prejudice against Astrology in an area of interpreting the visual records of the Ancients about the Stars is CRASS! We would have tlabott accept catastrophism, a name for the possibility that the past of the world is very likely irretrievable beyond our own memories of it. Sampathkumark marked it as to-read Jul 04, Talbott is an American, self-taught, comparative mythologist in the Velikovsky tradition.

We do not ‘fully’ understand anything, not the ocean, not geology, not ecology, not sociology, and not chemistry nor physics.

I’m my own grandpa. The most recent one I noticed – where he identified without any safurn the pre-Islamic God Hubal with Saturn.

Stephen Jesse added it Sep 22, I’m only about half way through this, and may give it talbot break for a while. Carolyn rated it it was amazing Feb 10, Joan Pillen rated it it was amazing Oct 02, I returned it immediately. These myths are about events in the order of 12, years ago and the Roman God Saturn had nothing to do with it!!!


It’s just I don’t remember David Talbott noting this identification in his research. Tim rated it it was amazing Aug 29, It isn’t primarily the fault of the sources getting things wrong which they do!

The Saturn Myth | The Velikovsky Encyclopedia

Now I’m talking of the Ancient Astrology – not the Hucksters Divinations You can also “see his mind working” in his interpretations.

After this faulty logic he goes on to simply satunr state the identification of so many other Gods with Saturn, it becomes quite mind boggling – literally. The polar configuration of Saturn, Venus, and Mars arises as the image of an ancient planetary system which can make sense of the seemingly wild imagination of the ancients and their irrational coupling of symbols and concepts as well as for their myths of world catastrophe as the gods ‘battled’.

The Saturn Myth by David N.

Or rather sagurn I say not an interpretation, it’s more like he “Jumps on the Bandwagon” of each successive identification in the various sources. Chad marked it as to-read Jul 27,