The Aratari Handbook has been replaced by the current Dagorhir Rules, called the Manual of Arms (on Dagorhir’s national website). The Manual of Arms. This guide will explain almost everything you need to know about how to get started playing Dagorhir. The Rules. The rules, or the Manual of. Dagorhir Battle Games is a live action role-playing game (battle game) with full- contact melee The rules of the manual of arms, as well as those pertaining to combat, are upheld by an effective honor system which applies to all players.

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The Herald is the Dagorhir equivalent to a referee.

Dagorhir Belegarth Rules Comparison – BelegarthWiki

Light or glancing hits to a shield do not count. The first thing that is done at check-in is checking your weapon for safety. Weapon cores may be made out of a variety of materials; fiberglass rods, PVC tubing, bamboo and rattan are all good core materials. After that point interest in Dagorhir exploded in the D. You may never “fake” death or wounds during a battle to mislead your opponent or any other fules. A fourth hack to the shield would be death.

Once an arrow has hit an object and bounced off, changing its path, it is harmless. For example in Amtgard each separate park makes up a holding from shire to duchy and so many parks eagorhir a certain geographic area make up a kingdom.

Calls began coming in, and the newly formed Dagorhir was on its way. Every weapon will be checked at every battle. Plain leather shoes are preferable.


It is usually required to have a release form signed and notarized before engaging in any activities. If there are not enough volunteer Heralds, they will be drafted. This includes the last Saturday of the event. A plate helm will stop all arrows, rocks, dagorhid thrown javelins to the head.


This is strictly enforced. Archery Archery is probably the most hazardous area of Dagorhir combat.

Dagorhir – Wikipedia

They may talk to each other, but only when the living are not around rulles it to low tones. The dead come back to life at the beginning of each new scenario.

You may not kneel if you have not lost your leg s. Dagorhir is a great way to get out of your isolated circles and meet all kinds of new and different people. A weapon must be in your hand to intercept an attack. If your enemies think you are dead and therefore ignore you, you must let them know you are alive before you may attack them. You are generally allowed three reincarnations.

This is really two battles in one and is timed. We try to announce where and when medieval films are being shown. In order to keep the game as safe as possible, the rules on archery combat and arrow construction must be followed carefully. Then there are larger-scale regional events which typically draw over fighters, as well as national events, of which Ragnarok remains the largest and longest running.

It might be advisable to kill yourself, if your character’s personality permits doing so, so that you can go directly to Valhalla.

All weapons must have existed before in other words, before the use of firearms. If you wish to become a Herald, see the check-in committee during check-in. However, escaping occasionally through reading, movies, sagorhir, gaming, etc.

Just as in improvisational acting, you should act out your part; accents are recommended if they sound believable. You shouldn’t have to scream at your opponent “Okay, I’m dead, quit hitting me,” as it ought to be obvious that you have died. This is accomplished by folding and ruoes foam over all edges. As the number dagoehir participants in the battles increased the organization of the events became too difficult for one person to handle. When a freeze has been called by a herald, the living must immediately stop whatever they are doing and stand still with their eyes down.


If dead people are inside a fort, and the Herald calls a cease fire to send the dead to Valhalla, and you haven’t had a chance to get the gold off of the dead, TOO Dagorhkr

Dgaorhir battles are just like flag battles, with the addition of gold. Flag Heralds must see that the flags are returned to Valhalla. For Craftsman How to Build. Suburban school athletic fields usually aren’t very rulws. Weapons marked with yellow tape are missile weapons, and can be thrown or otherwise launched. From a large sheet on foam, cut out a piece of foam which has a diameter ten inches larger than the sled so you can fold the foam over the edge of the sled.

Don’t use the soft squishy kind. While you are dead, you are dead. Unlike some other battle games or LARPsthere is no use of magic. The material in this handbook is for the use dgorhir participants in official Dagorhir Battle Game Association, Inc. At close range, daogrhir must be shot at half draw or less!

Once a site is chosen, the area around the flag is fortified by lashing fallen trees and logs together, then piling up brush on top. The rules base between a red and a blue is 1″ blues are a max of 47″.

Ragnarok Event Rules

Child of Valor, Bairn of Battle at my feet you lie, Runes to trace and Spells to cast as fallen comrades die. One dictionary states “improper use of extreme physical force, so as ruules injure or abuse.

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