Dr. SUSAN ELIAS. CS. CS OPERATING SYSTEMS LAB. Mr. R. RAMAKRISHNAN. CS. CS WEB TECHNOLOGY LAB. Ms. V. RAJALAKSHMI. Download file Free Book PDF Lab Manual For Web Technology at. Complete PDF Cs Web Technology Lab Manual WordPress com. online Anna University Lab Manual For Web Technology file PDF Book LAB MANUAL REGULATION Cs Web Technology Lab.

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Start the program Step 2: Execute the program in Internet explorer. Creating a Radio buttons: At the end iterate through the list and print the employees to verify we parsed it right. Fusce quis velit eu felis vestibulum scelerisque. For each row of the table, enter the data using such that create student name,fathers name,address and e-mail,etc. Compile the program and execute it. Thus the Sample web application development in the open source environment has been executed successfully executed.

Iterate through each employee element to load the data. Since its very inception Indian Airlines has been setting standards for civil aviation. An example J2ME application using Radio buttons: Thus the web page for student profile has been developed and validated successfully.

Check whether the nick name is used as a password or not.

Mobile Computing Lab Manual for Final Information Technology – VII Semester

To develop the student webpage information using java servlet and JDBC. An immutable image can be drawn on the screen as well as on Canvas. This is the name of a MIDlet trchnology is to be created. The profile layer defines the minimum set of application programming interfaces APIs available on a particular family of devices.


Using various HTML tags and attribute,we design the web page.

We need your help! Using html tags, create table to enter the student profile Step3: Form validation including textfield, radio buttons, checkboxes, listbox and other controls 4.

Design a home page student profile using different html tags, forms and attributes.

Cs Web Technology Lab Manual – Free Download PDF

Design a home page student profile etchnology different html tags,forms and attributes. Select Edit suite from the popup menu. It is our privillege We need your help to maintenance this website. To write the program for implementing the calculator entry using J2ME Algorithm: Make sure you included an area code. Start the program Step2: Please copy and paste this embed script to where you want to embed Embed Script.

Thus the website has been developed sucessfully.

Cs9228 Web Technology Lab Manual

Right click on it, a pop up menu appears. This provide great flexibility than the static content that HTML can deliver.

Curabitur mi nibh, cursus vel, laoreet. The arithmetic operations are declared in different module to do their process 4. This layer is an implementation of a Java Virtual Machine that techhnology customized for a particular device’s host operating system and supports a particular J2ME configuration.


Calculator All field are required, however, if you forget any, we will put a random number in for you. Over the years, Indian Airline has turned manuao to be synonymous with service, reliability and efficiency. Thus student information java script program is successfully completed. Thus the program for implementing the calendar in mobile was successfully executed and verified. To create Sample web application development in the open source environment.

We are a non-profit group that run this website to share documents. To connect the database using jdbc connectivity in java. Print the datas Step7: Please help us to share our service with your friends. Latest News Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, con- sectetuer adipiscing elit. To write the program for implementing the system timer entry using J2ME Algorithm: Using javascript, we validate whether the text and other text fields are empty or to be filled. However new breed of computing devices lacs hardware configuration.

Add the commands for these functions and call the command action set the alert time for alarm 5. In the snooze function set the date field and commands are assigned for snooze, reset and exit 4.

From the ,anual element get all employee elements.