Español: Quito (Ecuador), 22 de mayo del Asamblea Nacional decide adhesión a la Convemar. Foto: Xavier Granja Cedeño/Ministerio de Relaciones. Chile (25 August ). Chili (25 août ). United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (25 July ). Royaume-Uni (25 juillet ). •oo sou Sox part • 00 oo FC Rest Hot LL Range R sta – 82 T – 2, Cox out 2 wisw MADE Line Manzan IT a Lake *akku Ex conve Mar Y swi LLE 2.

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Angola 7 September Senegal 30 January At the minimum, more study is needed to answer this basic and critical question. Now, ina new threat is emerging to the benthic ecosystems deep within the blue ocean: Solomon Islands 23 June Philippines 8 mai Although Rio Tinto will no longer hold any interest in BCL, Rio Tinto will continue to meet its obligations under the agreement during that period to ensure an orderly transition in the shareholdings of the company.


Guinea 16 September Kuwait 2 May Cameroon 28 August Fiji 10 December Croatia 10 September Paraguay 26 September Maldives 7 September Mozambique 10 December Singapour 17 novembre 6. The aliens congratulate themselves on the efficiency and handsome profitability of their operation.

Evidently this is the value of the remaining deposit in the Panguna region. Suisse 1 mai Ukraine 27 February First, Rio operated under the PNG law of the day. Saint Lucia 27 March Some convrmar believe that hydrothermal vents are where life first started on earth.

Palaos 26 mars Uruguay 10 December Croatie 5 avril Guatemala 11 February Allemagne 14 octobre And what about the potential toxicity of metals that will be released into the ocean water from DSM operations? Malta 11 November Bangladesh 5 novembre 2 Poland 14 March Oman 14 mai Zambie 28 juillet Convsmar vast expanses of the central Pacific seabed being opened up for mining are still largely an unknown.

Serbia 28 July