I remember IBM had produced a pdf a few years ago for Cognos 8 Report Studio with examples of MDX functions when building reports using. Summary: This tutorial introduces multidimensional expressions (MDX), a highly . OLAP Services supports MDX functions as a full language implementation. Introduction To MDX Functions For Cognos 8 Report Studio Product(s): Cognos 8 Area of Interest: Report Design. Introduction To MDX Functions For Cognos 8.

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The generate function will evaluate the head descendants currentMember expression for each member in the years level.

When something is not working as expected then comment all formula lines and leave uncommented just some part of the formula that you would like to debug. Next, reopen the report. The calculated members are then created accordingly and Cognos treats them as proper members from cgonos hierarchy.

How to use it, how to work with it, and most importantly a walkthrough of fnuctions grammar. To begin you must first understand the structure of your cube. I would like to do a running count on the member.

It may be possible that other cubes use different types of ranking, but I only have access to powercubes at the moment. Some of these are enhancements that I believe should be instituded ASAP, and others just sound interesting.


No comparing different hierarchies. You can very easily make Funnctions Year or Previous Year members, but those will not allow you to use the family functions.

End of Support for Rational Insight 1.1.0

Now you know how to navigate to individual dimension members. ID must be unique in the entire query 3.

As far as I am aware they are using Cognos The expression in the series is processed for each item in the ordinal axis.

Also, My week value is coming from prompt week3. In Report Studio I have a List there I want to use a data item with a tuple with two other members and a measure. On other thing I forgot to mention is that I have a total column Total Employees and I need the running difference on the total of A1, A2 etc.

Available on eazyBI Cloud or starting from version 4. Sometimes you need to write a formula which should use either [Time].

Cognossimplified: MDX Functions in Report studio

As 4th week has 0 value for the measure, 3rd 4th week cumilative value is same and I am seeing parllel stright line from 3rd week to fuunctions week. I did use another DI from the beginning but that didn’t work so I tried to paste it directly into the “Current Month” DI but no difference One of them is the values keyword. Dimension members has some default properties like.


Reports built on FM models work very gracefully with this.

OLAP | Paul’s Cognos Blog

Now when I try to use an expression running-difference [empcount] for DataItemAit gives me an error saying running difference cannot be used in the context in which it is used. Thanks for your prompt response Paul. December 29, by CognosPaul 11 Comments. If your database is Oracle you might be able to get away with using windowing functions, but those are difficult funtions work with in Cognos. But knowing these, we can then call other functions.

Which is a good thing, since the running functions are very limiting. Please suggest me how do I do it with parameter?

Calculated members

The member function takes the parameters 1. Please enable JavaScript and reload the page.

Does it return the values you expect?