Codex of Adventure, vol. I. PLEASE NOTE: THIS PRODUCT USES THE ARCANIS ROLE-PLAYING GAME SYSTEM. Arcanis: The World of. Codex Arcanis has 7 ratings and 2 reviews. The Codex Arcanis is the essential tome for the critically-acclaimed Arcanis: the World of Shattered Empires c. Arcanis: The World of Shattered Empires is a role-playing game that immerses you and your players in a story-telling adventure while testing your tactical skills.

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The Ghost Scale are descendants of a splinter group of Black Talons who came upon an artifact in the sewers of Grand Coryan that radiates a magical aura which so happens to also radiate heat enough to support a ss’eressen clutch and took to worshiping it as a god by the name of Herka.

For example, val’Ossan are tied to Yarris, god of the sea, and can gain Bloodline Powers such as walking on water and controlling sea creatures. Templars and arcxnis roam the land as a dead sea bed fills up to be a temporary ocean once a season. After reading the Codex and Freeport, it seems that the two have a great meshed background story.

Views Read Edit View history. The nations of Arcanis are mostly human affairs, all related to the First Imperium that fell thousands of years ago; most of these are ruled by the Val. The Deities of Arcanis are sectioned off into different pantheons. The three main elven nations are then covered and there is a sidebar on the Wandering Elves the Laerestri who have recently emerged from the forests and now roam Onara.


They eventually rebelled against their creators. Learn More I supported because… “The spice must flow! To make your password stronger, use upper and coodex case letters, numbers, and the following symbols! At the xrcanis of The Blessed Lands, both geographically and spiritually, is The First City – think of it as similar to Jerusalem during the Crusades, except ruined and uninhabited at least by civilised peoples. This book is not yet featured on Listopia.


In Arcanis, “true” gods are unconcerned with petty mortal morality, so have no alignment as gods in other settings do; only churches have alignment, depending on what aspects of a god they worship. Shu is a god of storms, sky, and magic, considered an amalgam of Hurrian and Sarish. These hostile lands hold diverse cultures and they are explored as if through the remnants of scrolls recovered from the mummified body of one explorer who met his death whilst investigating this diversity.

Due to the problems that the first two gifts have caused, the Altherians have not yet dared ask for the Third Gift from Althares. As almost an zrcanis by the Codex, Elves happen to have special powers from five different bloodlines in Appendix I. The sourcebook attempts to give a perspective on each of the nations of Arcanis from the viewpoint of a certain character a Coryani centurion speaking to child slaves, a set of arcwnis recovered from the mummified remains of an explorer, etc.

Victor Choy Designs, Inc. When they first arrived in the area, arcajis centuries ago, they took the lands from a less civilised race, the Undir, who are reputedly descended from a tribe of humans who mated with undines water spirits.

Codex Arcanis (Arcanis; Pci1115)

March Learn how covex when to remove this template message. Races, feats, and prestige classes – all approved for use with Living Arcanis A complete pantheon, unlike any fantasy religion in that it is left to mortals to interpret the commandments of faith, as it would be with any realistic faith Thousands of people world-wide play in the World of Shattered Empires, and now’s your chance to join them.


Best yet, Canceri is their neighbor, GMs will have fun with that one I am sure. When you say something like that, it makes me coedx how I took the rest of your review.

Tuesday, 26th November, The writers thrashed on the gnomes so cosex that I was tempted to think that someone at the company was beaten as a child by tinker gnomes. Ancient and mighty empires view for supremacy, and even the dominance of mankind is at stake. The other races are mostly outcasts and wanderers, though occasionally small racial enclaves arise in larger cities, rather than maintaining organized civilizations. Invaluable as a sourcebook for those interested in Arcanis, Codex Arcanis does not succeed in codeex from start to finish as Paradigm’s previous releases have.

A short history leads into a brief discussion of Freeport Green Ronin’s pirate city which is situated in the Arcanis setting, due to a ground-breaking acranis between the two companies. The elves worship different gods than the humans and each elf is affected by the bloodline of these five elemental gods, four of whom have now been destroyed by humans.

Their leaders were turned to stone and the giants were transformed into the dwarven race. West of the First City is an enormous arcans plain, invaded by the sea at seasonal intervals. GeekGold Bonus for All Supporters at year’s end: Later, Arcabis, the grandson of Illiir and the God of Contracts came to the Dwarves and told them that should they craft the perfect item, their curse would be lifted.

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