CMIE does offer the raw data of Prowess too. This isavailable from s. In this setup,the user has complete freedom to. Visit 2. Use the Download Prowess IQ link on the right panel to download the Prowess IQ setup file. 3. Execute the downloaded. Prowess: Download ProwessIQ user interface (Client Software) for querying the Prowess database of financial performance of companies. You can install it on.

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Prowess Resource Tutorial

The number of companies proewss which information isavailable for a year keeps rising. The construction sector has undergone considerablechange during the two decades. Prowess has amuch greater coverage of the banking sector thanof the retail sector, although as the retail sectorgets organised its coverage in Prowess will in-crease.

As a result, as the number of companies in-creased, the size of the median company dropped.

This is a mere belief because there are no officialrecords to confirm this. Asa priwess, the Prowess database does not have a universeagainst which it can be compared to assess the compre-hensiveness of its coverage.

Companies can get added into the databasewith historical information. These applicationslead to new demands on Prowess that often culminatein enhancement of Prowess features. They do attimes get merged into other companies or they may stopoperations. CMIE has no other businesses other than providing in-formation services. If we look for companies that have information for threeconsecutive years, the count would fall further. Thus, the search tjtorial is very versatile andpowerful.

Similarly,the study of the electricity sector in India is incompletewithout studying the state electricity boards. But, Prowess is more than a database of only registeredcompanies.

Prwess database has been built by CMIE an-alysts through a rich process of normalisation. For listed companies, Prowessalso provides data sourced from the stock exchanges.


Prowess has an almost comprehensivecoverage of companies paying excise duty. Prowess comes packaged with several tools and func-tions.

These are easy cases. Various classifications andcodes that are assigned to the company by CMIEand various other organisations such as the StockExchanges are also stored tutoral and we describethe background of the company here.

According to the Min-istry of Company Affairs, there are more than 80,public limited companies, but there are less than 10,listed companies. Thetabulations that incorporate these ratios reflect the re-search capabilities of the CMIE analysts team. There are about 10, companies for whichthree consecutive years of data ending in areavailable.

Central Library IIT Bombay | CMIE Database

The Reserve Bank of India produces an annual studyon the financial performance of these companies. The likelihoodof such companies being added to the Prowess databaseis very low because the information of such companiesmay not become available to CMIE.

Itincludes data extracted from the Income and Ex-penditure Statement, the Balance Sheet and de-tails in their various Schedules, the Cash FlowStatement and contingent liabilities.

It also in-cludes all disclosures made by banks and non-banking finance companies as per the guidelinesissued by the RBI. This sector was largelyin the unorganised sector till the s. The Prowess database is not a mere copy from the orig-inal sources.

Disclosureshave improved in recent years and therefore thereis a shorter history of bulk and block deals on theExchanges, insider trades and options. CMIEdelivers many ready-to-use sets, but, it also em-powers the users to make and use sets as per theirown specific requirements.

CMIE makes prowexs Prowess databaseavailable in this form in www. CMIE has studied the pattern of these dis-closures, made judgements about the consistency andutility of these additional indicators and accordinglyincluded them in the Prowess database. Results ofthe RBIs study are used by the official statistical ma-chinery to estimate the savings of the private corporatesector.

Aggregate sales multiplied tutoorial times of these companiesin the same period. The probability fmie an error entering the database lrowess ex-tremely small. Aggregates tutoorial another very useful feature that hasemanated from CMIEs intensive use of the Prowessdatabase. The database is updated every day. Corporate taxes paid by Prowess companies ac-count for 58 per cent of all taxes paid by en-terprises. But, if some of us called a rose a roseand if others called it a lilly and if still others called ita daisy or a marigold we would not be able to conversewith each other meaningfully although the rose wouldstill smell as sweet as ever.


These companiesare required to disclose a lot more information and alsoto provide information at a faster frequency than the un-listed companies. We list below, the other sources ofinformation. This is covered in this Table. New companies tutoriial incorporated andthese may get added into the Prowess database. Foran Annual Report to be included in Prowess, it is neces-sary that it is reasonably complete and is available to uswithout rutorial conditions on usage. We believe that understanding the performance of com-panies is central to understanding any economy.

These are investment com-panies mostly subsidiary investment prowdss oflarge, often listed, companies. A number of the unlisted companies arein fact, subsidiaries of listed companies. These are neither companiesnor are they cooperatives.

Prowess contains the prices of the listed equity shares ofcompanies provided by the two major stock exchangesof the country the National Stock Exchange and theBombay Stock Exchange.

Italso contains the total returns obtained on each equity scrip. Batchesstore a series of actions. How-ever, the exploitation of this advantage was in partialabeyance as the services sector led the growth in thetwo decades.