Civilization IV is a turn-based strategy computer game and the fourth installment of the Civilization series. It was designed by Soren Johnson under the direction. INTRODUCTION. Welcome to Sid Meier’s Civilization IVĀ®, the game in which you match wits against the greatest leaders of all time in a bat- tle of warfare. Civilization V CIVILOPEDIA ONLINE. Civilopedia Home Page. “Such is the patriot’s boast, November 4, – Fixed missing Korean text. November 1.

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Retrieved from ” https: Another new feature is the new abilities of the United Nations.

The founding civ of a religion also receives an economic benefit: Any number of units can be stacked onto a single space and move as a group if so assigned, but the overall combat phase is resolved by one-on-one unit battles.

The game has a very useful tech tree, which can be accessed by pressing F6 on the keyboard. The released version of the game abandoned Civilization III ‘s graded scale. Essays on Control in Video Gaming’ noted the spoof highlighted the series’ “hyper-addictive turn-based gameplay”.

Technology development is flexible: Archived from the original on 6 December The game had a viral marketing campaign, revolving around a fictitious self-help organization known as Civilization Anonymous shortened to CivAnonthe intention being to satirise how addictive the game was.


Archived from the original on 13 May The player can instead specialize the city towards gathering a particular resource instead of constructing additional units or buildings. The World Civklopedia allows a player to create a map from scratch, to use an in-game situation as a starting point for a new scenario, or to simply cheat by giving himself more units, gold, buildings, better relations with leaders, improvements, cultural borders, technologies, even take over other cities by placing a border there.

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You will likely be powerless to its extreme addictive properties once exposed”. Each city can only produce one military unit or one building at a time; any additional units or buildings are placed into a queue. Views Read Edit Civiopedia history. Sid Meier chronicles Civilization”.

The player can modify the map by placing and modifying any number of rivers, landmasses, mountains, resources, units, and cities, as well as their attributes such as Culture generation.

Religion factors into a number of existing game mechanics. The rate of construction is determined by the amount of material collected from the surrounding spaces; players can also choose to speed production by sacrificing gold or population if they adopt the civilopediia governmental policy; called civics.

Break described the campaign as “hilarious”, [22] while Kotaku described it as a “great promotional campaign” that “comes across as terrifyingly realistic”. If the time limit for the game is reached and none of the previous goals has been fulfilled by any players including game AI playersthe civilization with the highest total game score is declared winner.

Archived from the original on 3 March Archived from the original PDF on April 8, This feature can be utilized to turn a part of the population into one of several specialized occupations; at the cost of having one less space from the city, these specialists increase gathering and production of the resources of their targeted specializations. In single-player games, the discovery of each tech during the game is accompanied by a famous quotation from history which is voiced by Leonard Nimoy of Star Trek fame.

Civilization IV received universal critical acclaim with an aggregate score of 94 on Metacritic [38] and an aggregate score of Archived from the original on February 21, Each unit can gain experience through combat, which later translates into experience points that the player can use to assign military units new bonuses.



When a leader is friendly or gracious towards one’s civilization, they are more likely to accept deals without unfair bargaining. Retrieved from ” http: The unit’s strength also affects how much damage it can do.

Archived from the original PDF on June 11, Civilopediq from the original on 18 June Colonizationwas released for Mac and PC as a standalone game and later bundled with the two expansions as Civilization IV: Religions may be spread to domestic and foreign cities and there is no limit to the number of religions that can be present in any single city. As with other games in the series, there are by default five objectives the player can pursue in order to finish the game: Some resources are required for certain units, buildings, or wonders ironcopper ; some may double the production speed of a certain wonder marblestone ; and some act as luxuries like in Civ IIIproviding either happiness or health to all cities connected to them furdyeincense.

Civilization IV

Unlike real-world resolutions, Civilization IV’ civilopeia resolutions are binding, except that in Beyond the Sword you have the option of defying resolutions. Warlords and Civilization IV: Computer and Video Games U. The high levels of culture gathering and attainment are also one of the default conditions that can be used to win the game. Units no longer have separate attack and defense values. There also a number of unique buildings throughout the game.