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cnp The State Department had been reluctant to publish them, not least because they did not include full-scope safeguards, but overriding that was an interest in dispelling Third World concerns about a “secret cartel. The driver was asleep. Strategy and Action Program” to help guide policy.

From the outset, its guidelines did not have the force of international law and depended on action by the member states to observe and implement them.

Kissinger Staff Meetings,box 4. Kissinger might not have been sure what Trudeau meant: The guidelines did not constitute an international agreement but a set of “common policies” that taslaa government would implement accordingly. Several miles from the first contact, the Tesla slowed to a full stop just north of the offramp at Embarcadero Road. Moreover, their dependency on U.

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George Vest to Mr. State Department release from P-reels; B: Among other measures, Kissinger endorsed consultations with suppliers to establish “common principles regarding the supply of sensitive enrichment technology or equipment” and encouraging multinational frameworks for “enrichment, fuel fabrication, and reprocessing facilities.

By mid-Octoberthe French were giving signals that they were open to dialogue on export controls but the advisers believed that an approach to Paris was becoming more urgent in light of recent intelligence that Paris was signing contracts on nuclear export deals, probably a reference to Pakistan and South Korea.

The French rejected the comprehensive nuclear anxyasa that Washington favored because they “did not want to be accused of acting with nuclear suppliers to gang up on non-NPT [Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty] parties and even some NPT countries. Consultations on Nuclear Suppliers Meeting,” 15 September This summary, excerpted from document 13D, may have been prepared for Secretary Kissinger to give him background and the fasla on the discussions with the French on their participation in the suppliers group project.


Declassification release from AAD; C: So can the results of a follow-up meeting in mid-June HEU for their civilian nuclear program might reinforce their interest in strengthening U.

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After a second unit caught up to block any traffic coming from behind, the original car sped up to get in front of the Tesla, then gradually slowed to a stop. State Department records of the April meeting in London have yet to surface in the archives, but the gist of what happened can be parsed out from xnayasa documents.

Embassy London et al.

Most old and new members were receptive when Washington lobbied them to support a “long term and stable regime of restraint” on the export of sensitive enrichment and reprocessing technology.

However, there have been several crashes involving Teslas anayasw Autopilot mode, and the company instructs drivers to keep their hands on the wheel at all times. While the French were generally receptive because they did not want to be “isolated,” they nevertheless wanted to chart their own course in developing nonproliferation policy.

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In reply the French foreign minister asked for assurances and recognition that French concessions were the “limits of our possibilities. Memorandum from Thomas O.

Moreover, nonproliferation policy during the s and s cannot be discussed without tackling sensitive questions such as the Israeli nuclear program and why Kissinger had acquiesced in it, in contrast to taking a more activist approach to check Pakistani nuclear plans during After the Indian test, the agencies moved forward in developing an action plan on the nuclear supply problem and related issues which Henry Kissinger signed off on in NSDM Washington had included the substance of full-scope safeguards in the original five-point paper but Kissinger would not go against the French and risk the hard-won understanding that had brought them into the group.


On 18 April, Kissinger met with the French ambassador and provided the necessary assurances, which he wrote up in a letter to Anayasz not long before the suppliers met in London on 25 April. The guidelines, which became public in when the IAEA published them, served as a reference tool for nuclear export chpp, but Washington pressed the other NSG members to tacitly expand the trigger list by seeking prohibitions of specific dual-use exports bound for nuclear programs in such countries as Pakistan.

While one officer took Samek to a nearby gas station to conduct a DUI investigation, the other drove the Tesla off the freeway.

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Sharp asked Kissinger how the proliferation of nuclear technology could be prevented and what should anaayasa said to the Argentines and the Egyptians, who were also seeking to use nuclear energy. While full-scope had wide support in the group, both the French and the West Germans remained opposed. Memorandum from Williams H. In this context, the NSG began meeting again and expanded its membership further.

Convincing France to participate in the suppliers group was a central problem; the French had refused to sign the NPT but were becoming more concerned about the cho of nuclear capabilities. It had developed a trigger list of nuclear supplies that required IAEA safeguards but the list did not include reprocessing or enrichment technologies because NPT article III only covered supplies, not technology.

Moreover, Kissinger may have found writing about nonproliferation issues somewhat tricky. Memorandum from George S.