Stormbringer came out from Chaosium in , with the idea to adapt Michael Moorcock’s seminal fantasy anti-hero to role-playing games. After perusing the threads, other than the Big Two (Runequest and Call of Cthulhu) Stormbringer/Elric! seems to get the most love of all the BRP. Chaosium: Stormbringer 1 ( Box) Chaosium: Stormbringer 1 ( Box) Stormbringer The Stealer of Souls / Black Sword, Chaosium, Stormbringer 2 .

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In this game, heroes discover secrets about the world of the Young Kingdoms, the nature the universe, the Gods of Law and Stofmbringer, and what their prophecies portend.

Avoiding spoilers to a 40 year old book here, I know, but it’s the ultimate moment of the series in a lot of ways I like the post but that line jumped off of the screen stormbrinfer me. Big Elric fan, bitd. The Gamemasters Chapter is recommended reading for new gamemasters.

Just beware of those brutal critical hit tables! AriochQ – Tuesday, 31st January, Here is the culmination of all adventures, the Ragnarok of Michael Moorcock’s most famed epic.

To read a review of Skyfarer’s gaming system, click here. The cover is in Near Mint condition with minor wear to the surface and edges. All the characters and places from the Elric mythos are here, ready for your characters to meet and adventure with.


The Plain of Glass divides the island, a shining wasteland of ancient stormbringeg catastrophe. It’s probably my favorite approach to such things — elegant and straightforward. The end of the sixth book? The empire rots from within.

Eldritch beasts terrorize the innocent.

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Imperial garrisons in the far-flung Southern Kingdoms are brought home to Imrryr, the dreaming city, their need apparently past. Mighty spells, ancient artifacts, giant Battle Barges, and fearsome dragons must be met and overcome in addition to the massive armies behind them.

The adventurers encounter the Rogue Mistress as the result of a foul trap laid by Pollidemia, an immensely powerful sorceress. This page was last edited on 11 Juneat Matthew Slepin August 12, at 8: Character generation is quick and detailed. Melniboneans were not impossible, just unlikely. An extensive section titled Getting Here presents to the gamemaster capsulized methods for getting the adventurers involved with the Shattered Isle scenarios, including a variety of options for both Young Kingdoms and Tragic Millenium Earth adventurers.

Number of bids and bid amounts may be slightly out of date. You are challenged, nay dared, to march forth, face eternity and conquer all that stands before you.


I think this is a huge lesson for the OSR to learn that some of the Indie scene of about chhaosium decade ago got. Tigers walk among men and feed when they please.

World of Darkness As far as I can tell–both Elric and the 5th Edition made fairly substantial changes to the game even though they still use Basic Roleplaying as the core system. Every item in our inventory has been inspected, very strictly graded, and bagged for its protection. An Epic Campaign Across the Multiverse.

Rulebook has errata printed on the inside cover. The Additions section contains creatures, heroes or antagonistsand exotic treasures for use by the Game Master in Stormbringer adventures.

Stormbringer Chaosium

The following errors occurred with your submission. What about Elric, the one who hired you?.

Fair Very well used, but complete and useable. Yet, like all the Elric books, it can be read as a whole unit without reference to previous books. I have this nit to pick though: However, control of Elric is delicate, at best.