Cerbera odollam, is a tree that grows in the swamp and marshy areas of India and southern Asia. Going by the common name “Pong-pong”. J Forensic Leg Med. Aug; doi: / Epub May 9. Cerbera odollam toxicity: A review. Menezes RG(1), Usman. J Ethnopharmacol. Dec;95() Cerbera odollam: a ‘suicide tree’ and cause of death in the state of Kerala, India. Gaillard Y(1), Krishnamoorthy A, .

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Have you had any contact with the professor since then? General Biology This tree is common on seashores and mangroves but have also been planted in many parts of the island. Is the sugar moiety hydrolyzed by stomach acid or intestinal microbial enzymes? Half of the plant poisoning deaths here, and one in 10 poisoning deaths overall, can be traced to Cerbera.

Electrocardiographic abnormalities were noted to be common, the most common being sinus bradycardia.

Whatever you want to call it, just keep your distance. The Cerbera odollamfor odollamm, is a perfectly beautiful, lush tree. There’s enough cerebin in odollam Cerbera odollam seed to kill an adult human. Curiosity uses cookies to improve site performance, for analytics and for advertising. When deactivated, sodium accumulates inside the cell, which then leads to an increase of intracellular calcium and extracellular potassium. The Digital Nature Archive of Singapore is built up by the help of various people: Six degrees of separation going on here.


Our Best Articles Daily. Read more about the Apocynaceae family.

Cerbera odollam toxicity: A review.

Notify me of new posts via email. There’s a reason Gaillard described the plant as being “perfect” for murder. The most popular use though is suicide, most likely because cerberq is widely available and its lethality well know.

If you wish to contribute any cernera, documents, videos or other forms of media, or if you have any queries…. Singapore University Press, Singapore. But I do hope she received additional help and support.

Cerbera odollam toxicity: A review.

Cerbera odollam Gaertner Kingdom: It’s a killer weapon that can fly under the radar extremely easily, even under the nose of medical professionals. He cerberaa not a professor — just a clever toxic steroid chemist trying everything to get ahead. And in addition to all the cardiac effects, cerberin also induces nasuea and vomitting. It’s not outlandish to think that someone could accidentally eat this deadly seed. The story of this deadly tree takes an even darker turn, believe ccerbera or not.

Do they look similar? Hope that helps a bit.

Cerbera odollam: a ‘suicide tree’ and cause of death in the state of Kerala, India.

Fruits are round, 5—10 cm in diameter, with a hard fibrous outer covering adapted for dispersal by water. Testing for cerberin poisoning is relatively costly and requires the use of “high-performance liquid chromatography coupled with mass spectrometry,” which isn’t even a viable option in some locations.

This unassuming plant isn’t called the “suicide tree” for nothing. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikispecies. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


The Concise Flora of Singapore: In suicides and homicides people use what is available to them, which is why even in the United States we see such drastic regional differences. World Scientific Publishing Co.

Sadly, the Cerbera odollam earned one of its gruesome nicknames due to the fact that toxicologists believe that it’s used by more people to commit suicide than any other plant on Earth. The fruits however, develop singly. If digoxigenin were the primary agent, I would expect the concentrations to be cerbers larger.

The Toxin in “The Suicide Tree” Has Been Called the Perfect Murder Weapon

Cerbera odollam bears a close resemblance to oleanderanother highly toxic plant from the same family. Apocynaceae Flora of tropical Asia Decorative fruits and seeds Poisonous plants. A guide to the wayside trees of Singapore. That scandal was all sorts of fun for the chemistry blogosphere. They sit inside an edible fruit, after all. Not if she is dead. Cerbera odollam is known by a number of vernacular names, depending crrbera the region.

It is a species native to India and other parts of southern Asiagrowing preferentially in coastal salt swamps and in marshy areas but also grown as a hedge plant between home compounds.