Customs Deceleration Form will provide you with proof for the customs agent that you bought your items in the States so that you do not have to pay duty or. Clarifications regarding the US Customs form were submitted to the Central Firearms Register and Commander of the South African. Do you need a US Customs and Border Control Form ? This small form is proof that your gear listed on the form was purchased and.

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CBP Form | ATA Carnet

As far as “accepting your word” They SA require one and it must have an date on the top of the form when I went in I made several copies of the Notarized document and put one in firm piece luggage containing a listed item. Me personally, I wouldnt wait until the last minute. The BS with appointments, etc. Shootist43Feb 2, I’d get it done as soon as possible.

We have the whole sum total of one customs agent. I am heading to customs today to get my filled out so I can send it to Henry at rifle permits.

HogpatrolJan 26, Apr 13, Messages: Here is a link to their site. IMO it is better to be safe than sorry. The agent that answered the phone told her what their office hours were and said they dont take appointments. Log in or Sign up. It was actually quite easy to get there, and the signs told you where they were in the building.


Easier for us in WY. Just show up, ring the buzzer and walk in. Parking on first floor of garage.

CBP Form 4457

Share This Page Tweet. I’ll get to see my grandson if it takes two days so there is an upside to however long it takes.

Dec 14, Messages: Namibia,USA, east cape sa. Form can be easily filled out and taken to any U. There is a new focus on an old law that US travelers, and especially hunters need to be aware of.

Customs Declaration Form

Feb 11, Messages: Is the office fprm even when international flights are or are not arriving? We advise that all International travelers fill out a Customs Declaration 44577 to avoid a potential costly hassle. The description of the item and serial number must match.

I’ve talked to 3 different customs locations here in Texas. On all my trips outside of the US I have never had US Customs check any of my optics or camera gear that I do have listed on aonly my firearms and when I came back from Canada they didn’t even check that. Leave a Reply We’d love to hear your thoughts or questions. I really do not like waiting until for, last minute to do things, so how do you handle your form ? Must of taken all of 5 minutes once I got there.


Customs Declaration Form 4457

Philip Glass likes this. I have traveled extensively overseas, unfortunately not for hunting.

I’ve been told the US Customs is next to Starbucks in Terminal E, so that means I have to go thru airport security, which means I need a boarding pass, which means I have to wait until the last minute. Stay on the frontage road through the Aldine Westfield intersection.

I’ve got the stamp and a signature, so I’m all set. Clayton dTherack and Ruger Fan like this. He will stamp your form and all is good. CountrylifeJan 25, NRA life member Hunted: I do not have a for anything but firearms.

And in the years since I have never used a except when taking my rife out of the USA. Dec 2, Messages: I’m in Houston frequently. In fact at IAH with my gun I could have walked right out without them checking, I had to track someone down just to get them to inspect my and gun.

It is not only our duty to help our clients find the best hunts around the world, but also help them solve problems with International travel before they happen.