Now that the Axis Institute for World Domination has been blown up; the founder, Dr. Phineas Darkkon, has died; and Prosper English (who enrolled Cadel in the. Readers who loved Evil Genius will find this sequel as gripping, devilish and wonderfully dark as its predecessor. What made that first book so. Will Genius Squad be the answer to all Cadel’s prayers? Catherine Jinks was born in Brisbane in and grew up in Sydney and Papua New Guinea.

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Furthermore, Cadel is living in foster care until the government figures out what to do with him. I saw the ending from a ways away and, while I’m happy for Cadel, I was wishing it would be something more unique. However, Clearview House becomes like a safe haven for Cadel. Tja und dann Saul. His skills in computers is amazing, and he might even prove the a fake gene mapping company is cheating clients out of their money. It doesn’t wreck the book by any means, but it deflates the creative oomph of the concept a little bit.

He would also like to be certain Prosper is his father. Lists with This Book. This book seemed more dark in nature, a lot more of a serious book. And also that scene where Catberine talks about how Prosper should let him go because he wasn’t a kid any more and how cwtherine speech “fooled the wrong person” because Saul begins asking Cadel for his opinion and Cadel breaks down in front of him and says that he just said all that to get Prosper off his back.

Catherine Jinks » Genius Squad

A fun follow-up to Evil Genius, where there is cleverness and fun and danger, and it all works out, sort of. The story wrapped up pretty cleanly with Cadel moving in with Saul and Fiona and usually I have a problem with that kind of sickly sweet Kodak moment, but in this case I thought it uinks completely appropriate. Never one to spoil the suspense by brother kept quiet but heh I was right. Feb 12, Sebastiano rated it liked it. Nov 02, Kim rated it liked it.


What sells me on this book is really Cadel’s relationship with Fiona his social worker and Saul Greenius a policeman who takes an interest cathedine Cadel. Oct 13, Jennifer rated it liked it Shelves: Granted, he realized he’s been manipulated his whole Quite a gap between reading this one and the first book, so there’s a decent chunk of stuff I don’t remember. This is by far my favorite book in the series. He has police protection because he is a threat to Prosper English, but the police don’t help him much day-to-day.

Jun 14, Becky rated it really liked it.

GENIUS SQUAD by Catherine Jinks | Kirkus Reviews

Teens, people into mysteries. I liked how he became so attached to Cadel and always felt frustrated at Fiona for doubting catheerine motivations but then secretly admitting to Cadel that he appreciated how she was so dedicated to ensuring Cadel’s well being. Not enough description of gadgets and the kind of intelligence and ingenuity that would The first book had yenius number of flaws, but was intriguing enough to pull me through and make me curious about the sequel. This book finds Cadel is basically in limbo since the events of the last book.

Hardcoverpages. But Cadel’s a whole new man now.

Prosper is every bit as cunning and conniving and it is a marvel to see how he had planned everything all along! There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Everyone else believes it to be accommodation for hard done by kids while in reality it is a cover for bringing together genius kids to take down an organisation.

Er ist fast nur mit Erwachsenen aufgewachsen und hat nie gelernt sich mit andern Kindern und Jugendlichen auseinander zu setzte bzw. With no school to attend due to his questionable legal status, Cadel spends his time either on the computer, idling or visiting Sonja. And humor abounds, whether it’s Lexi’s wild stunts or Cadel’s penchant for cross-dressing whenever he needs a disguise. Genius Squad Catherine Jinks.


May 20, Armchair rated catehrine liked it Shelves: Jun 04, Tamora Pierce rated geenius really liked it Shelves: Cadel becomes more human in this book as he makes friends with the people he has to work with to take down Proctor.

Aug 12, Trin rated it it was henius Shelves: Our hero, Cadel Piggott, was geius far removed Jinks, Catherine.

Genius Squad

And, unlike Cadel, she could draw no comfort from the prospect of release, because her incarceration was permanent. Dieses Mal ist die Farbkombination schwarz und neon—orange. Granted, he realized he’s been manipulated his whole life, but I feel like he doesn’t take advantage of his skills enough. She merely serves as a guilt-fount for our narrator and contributes none of her previous insights to the problems he faces except for occasional moralistic one-liners.

During these questionings Cadel meets Saul Greeniaus, a detective who is now in charge of his jimks. Despite Cadel’s initial suspicions they may be working for Prosper, Cadel and Sonja eventually agree to join Genius Squad. The book gets a little boring at times, especially when Jinks spend a lot of paragraphs talking about hacking which is definitely not as entertaining as, but definitely more realistic than, hacking montages in movies or TV series.

Maybe that’s a bit of exaggeration, but I’m a little disappointed in the low reviews especially cathegine I think Jinks is a talented writer who did a great job. He’s matured in many ways. In diesem Teil war dies nicht mehr der Fall. But just when life is at its lowest, both he and Sonja are offered a place on Genius Squad, an elite group of hackers with a mission to bring down GenoME, the genetics company founded by Phineas Darkkon.

Trotzdem tat dies meinem Lesegenuss keinen Abbruch. Keep Cadel the feelings-challenged outcast! The writing style was easy to follow.