geordnete Liste aller traditionellen Kartenspiele und Dominospiele für mehrere Spieler, deren Spielregeln auf Deutsch vorliegen. Canasta, 2, 3, 4, 2×52+4J. Spielen Sie Rommee Kartenspiele wie Deutsches Rommé, Kalooki, Kanasta, sehr leicht zu erlernendes Spiel, bei dem die Spielregeln relativ einfach sind. Title, Spielregeln: Rommé, Canasta, Samba (3_1hne_1hnr Canasta). Publisher, F. X. Schmid, Length, 40 pages. Export Citation, BiBTeX EndNote.

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In many countries, Classic Canasta is still played in more or less its original form, sometimes alongside a number of variations.

Rommé online spielen – Rommee, Kalooki, Oklahoma, Gin Rummy Canasta

When joining an unknown group of players it is therefore advisable to find out what set of table rules are in force. A normal turn is begun by either drawing the top card from the face-down stock or taking the whole of the discard pile.

If it is allowed, a meld of eight or more cards is still regarded as a canasta. They are kept face up in front of one of the partners.

If you choose to keep a three the following rules apply:.

Solitaire – Gesellschaftsspiele, Kartenspiele –

If your team has not yet melded, you cannot take the discard pile until you have met the initial meld requirement. However, you can not use a wild card to build your canasta of sevens. A meld of aces must be pure unless it is part of the team’s initial meld and includes at least one wild card from the outset. Wenn Sie danach alle Herzen haben, haben Sie gewonnen, sonst verloren. You are allowed to count several separate melds laid down at the same time in order to meet spielregeeln requirement.

Blackout siehe Oh Hell! If your team starts a sevens meld or a pure ace meld you must complete the canasta before you can go out. Solitaire stammt eigentlich aus Frankreich, ist dort jedoch unter dem Name Patience bekannt.


Albany Canastaas described by Duane Bristow archive copyis an unusual variation in which it is possible to spielreteln a part of the discard pile if you can meld the bottom card of those you take as in Rum. It is possible to for two players to play a version of Classic Canasta. From there it spread to Argentina, the USA and throughout the world. Canasta is generally agreed to be best for four players, playing in partnerships. Some players do allow a team to start a meld of the same rank as a canasta completed by the opponents.


To avoid repetition, this section describes the terms and processes that are common to most or all versions of Canasta. Wenn man alles so durchspielt und am Ende nicht alle Karten zu den Grundkarten gekommen sind, ist es sich nicht ausgegangen und man hat verloren.

At the end of the play, each team reckons its score for the hand. Flush siehe Teen Patti. Forty-Two siehe Texas Some groups allow players to keep as many threes in their hand as they wish rather than putting them face up on the table and drawing replacements.

The lone player’s score for the spieelregeln is added to that player’s cumulative score. The highest-ranked member holds the 1 Ladder position; for example, canastaa ranked 2 is ranked below the 1 member. Trips to Win 5 Card Draw Poker. Ist eine der Karten von roter Farbe und die andere schwarz, dann darf man sie bei Seite legen. The pile can only be taken if your side has already made its initial meld before your turn.

As usual, each turn is begun by either drawing the top card from the face-down stock or taking the whole of cnasta discard pile. If this is still insufficient, a canasta or more must be dismantled.

Katz und Maus siehe Spite and Malice. Two 52 card standard packs plus 4 jokers are shuffled together to make a card pack.


The winners will be the first team to achieve a cumulative score of or more points, or the team that has more points if both teams achieve this on the same deal. This question can only be asked immediately after drawing from the stock or taking the discard pile, before making any further melds other than the one involving the top card of the pile if it was taken.

This page is maintained by John McLeod john pagat. A dirty mixed meld of aces can initially contain from three to seven cards, including at least two natural aces and not more than two wild cards. It often happens that the end of the stock is reached before anyone has gone out. Five Card Draw Poker. Each player is dealt 11 cards, and the rest of the cards are placed in a face-down stock pile in the centre of the table. Seven Card Stud Poker. If you have a wild card meld of fewer than seven cards when the play ends, your team incurs a penalty.

It is legal to complete the required canasta and go out on the same turn.

Crazy Nines siehe Golf. Some play that when the discard pile is empty because you have just taken the pileit is illegal to discard any ‘safe’ card – a card of the same rank as danasta completed canasta or of a rank where the sielregeln already have a 5- or 6-card meld – unless you have no legal alternative. A meld of 4s, 5s, 6s, 8s, 9s, 10s, jacks, queens or kings consists of at least three and not more than of seven cards of the appropriate rank.