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A duplicated shape will be a user- defined shape. Any subsequent alterations to the line coordinates update the orientation.

In Calculux, shapes can be set active or inactive. Facebook Linkedin Google Plus Twitter.

In such a case the vertical illuminance towards an observer often has to be 1. The unchanged original AutoCAD drawing, including the lighting design, can than be returned to your customer.

Calculux contains an option to define a number of arrangements.

The result of the above order of processing gives the following orientation: Calculux Area – A1. The use of X-symmetry implies that the obstacle aclculux be placed symmetrically on the X-axis.

The following orientation information of the rounded surface is recognised by Calculux: When the Polar arrangement has been entered, a number of ways of updating are possible: In Calculux Road the initial position of the observer for TI is automatically calculated by the Schemes editor.

Outbound Calculux Area – 3. Aeea lighting calculations are performed at each of these points. The figure below shows an example of a calculation grid with 9 grid points. Calculux Area Version 6.

For both, an important measure is the ‘Veiling Luminance’. For the background luminance, you have to define a calculation area and to select an appropriate reflection factor. When you have completed a lighting project you can calulux attractive reports to present the results of the calculations to your customers.


Calculux area 7.0 download

If so, click OK. Upward Light Ratio for a luminaire For a single luminaire the Upward Light Calcuulux is the proportion of the flux that is emitted above the horizontal axis when the luminaire is installed see figure below. For this drawing, entering the name, the XYZ coordinates of where the centre of the text should be and the actual text is all that is cakculux. If your country is not in the list, click the Others link.

I Intensity towards the observer.

Calculux Area

Automatically generated grids Calculux Road only Calculux Area – 1. Premium Membership Premium membership gives you an access to specialized technical articles and extra premium content electrical guides and ccalculux. Tables which are not needed can be deleted so they will not show up in the different dialogues.

The light distribution can be shown in a Polar, Cartesian or Isocandela diagram, together with the luminaire quality figures.

Calculux area manual pdf – Google Docs

In this case you define a point and a direction. Editing in Calculux is not possible. The following scale provides an insight into the practical meaning of differences in Threshold Increment. You can also include a summary of your findings and recommendations about the best lighting solutions. If you create what is called a Vignette file you can save the information to a disk. The semi sphere can have any orientation. Switching Modes Calculux Area – 3. A luminaire can consist of multiple light sources luminaire split-up.


It might be that in your Calculux version not all tables are supplied, or that additional tables cwlculux supplied. The range of the glare assessment scale is from 10 unnoticeable to 90 unbearable. Because of the rotation the view can be enlarged. Mohamed KhamiesLi hti D t tLighting Department Projects DivisionCalculux Area Calculux Area is the most friendly software for the user so they can designCalculux Area Calculux Area is the most friendly software for the user so they can design the lighting for any kind of sport fields with all the possibilities that may exist.

You can set a default calculation grid for each application field type in the calcylux field defaults dialogue box.

The glare is calculated for a single observer looking in the different directions of each of the grid points. From this point it is no longer possible to edit the free grid with the free grid function. Number of Same With this parameter you can set the number of aera luminaires at a luminaire position see also chapter ‘Luminaire Position and Orientation’; section ‘Luminaire Quantity’.

The arc shape can be rotated around its starting position. RTB Wetsurface W4