Full HD LCD Master Monitor (Look at the BVM-F PDF for more details). Best shop to buy Sony BVM-F ” Full-HD OLED Reference Monitor from our store with most competitive price. Email us to get our offer. For reference monitoring applications in the broadcast industry, Sony’s leading edge Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED) technology and signals processing.

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Adjustment Menu Overview Adjusts the picture, color temperature, etc.

Page 63 Menu Function and operation [ ]: Sony broadcast provides probably the widest range of cameras or camcorders, and video equipment to the broadcast industry and for this reason there is always a good supply of sony f17 used video equipment available around the world.

Sony Monitors at BVE Ramp signal sequence shown below.

Circle 4-pin female x1 AC V to V, 1. In addition, four option ports are available. Press the MENU button. In addition, the colour filter of each RGB bm enhances the colour purity of emitted light, and reduces ambient light reflection.

Controller Menu Overview This menu is for the network setting and assigning the function to the function button of the controller. If 4 Asia Except Japan is selected: Page 58 Menu Function and operation [ ]: For the setting value, consult the network administrator.

Set to to Line Bright Sets the luminance of the boundary line. Enter text from picture: Please check your local sales tax laws. Magnifying the Picture Part inside the cursor is magnified. Show adverts with price. We will authorize your payment method for the full advertised amount when you order this item, but you will not be charged until your item ships.


Changes the aspect ratio to In addition, four option ports are available. When System Status is selected, the following menus are displayed. High-precision signal processing engine has been developed to fulfil the reference monitor criteria and is optimized to maximize OLED panel performance. Displaying the Menu The current settings are displayed in place of the x marks on the illustrations of the menu screen.

See any errors on this page? Menu Structure Menu Structure For details of each menu, see the page in parentheses.

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Help and advice is on bcm to choose the right VTR, camera, tripod. H Shift Offset Menu Function and operation [ ]: Page 56 Menu Function and operation [ ]: F70 Management Menu Overview The system data is saved, copied v170 deleted. You can set the picture display type for the native scan mode according to the input signal. Selecting the Area When you turn on the monitor for the first time after purchasing it, the Select Area screen is displayed. When using 5C-FB coaxial cables Fujikura or equivalent.

Home Professional Video evfswystawtxxtbxuuyawdacurtbw. The micro-cavity structure uses an optical resonance effect to enhance colour purity and improve light-emission efficiency. SONY is entered as a community name. Normal scan Under Scan: Blanking Sets the blanking outside the area of the aspect marker.

Menu Index The menu index shows the principal menu items provided manual on which the item is explained and the main menu with this monitor in alphabetical sequence. In addition, the color filter of each RGB further enhances the color purity of emitted light, and reduces ambient light reflection Ultimate Display Engine High precision signal processing engine has been developed to fulfill the reference monitor criteria and is optimized to maximize OLED panel performance.


Marker or Aspect Marker The monitor is equipped with two area markers and center marker as the safe area marker and aspect marker for confirming the picture angle. Controller menu to confirm the function assigned to that of the panel display. The optional BKMR control unit includes a Memory Stick slot to save and load monitor configuration and adjustment settings.

In addition, four option ports are available.

Sony BVM-F ” Full HD Broadcast OLED Monitor BVM-F

Kernel Upgrade Upgrades the kernel of the monitor. System Status Menu Overview This menu is used to view general data about the monitor status, current channel, etc. Bv apparent color reproduction on the monitor is greatly affected by ambient light or glare. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Do not scratch or knock against it using a hard If you have any questions about this unit, please contact object.