Iron Shirt Chi Kung III – Bone Marrow Nei Kung. Bone Marrow Nei Kung cover A guide to nourishing the body through bone marrow rejuvenation exercises. Chi Kung: the Unconsciousness and Wonderment Dancing and Bone Chi.. him the Shao-Lin Method Untitled-1 Allogeneic Bone Marrow Transplant. His advice was awesome to start me off, but it had me really curious about Bone Marrow Nei Kung. I studied shaolin kungfu and taijichuan

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Developing the Spirit Body with Internal Energy After having received instruction, a student may proceed with caution to lift light weights using bohe genitals. In the Iron Shirt techniques, one learns to compress energy into the fasciae surrounding the organs and glands.

Bone Breathing and Marrow Nei Kung – Daoist Discussion – The Dao Bums

The spinal cord benefits from the energy Bone Breathing draws into it. Pull up slightly on the sexual organs as you draw energy in through your fingers. Iron Shirt Chi Kung I The movement of Chi in the bones was used to amplify the process of cleansing and purifying the Chi flowing through the meridian system, blood, internal organs, glands, and nervous system.

Sexual Hormone Stimulation of the Brain Chi Flow assists the Heart Feel breath enter through all of the bones, hold it for a while, and then let the energy flow out.

Contracting the Three Sections Hitting with Packing in Detail Although a week or two may be required to open each station completely, you can practice using all of the stations, concentrating more on the difficult points.

Eventually all fingers will be used to draw energy simultaneously into both hands. Would you like to tell us about a lower price? Calcium lost in osteoporosis has been replaced through this technique. Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go.


Iron Shirt Chi Kung III – Bone Marrow NeiKung

Today, Taoist methods are gaining respect throughout the world. If the organs and glands could regenerate themselves, however, such possibilities would become remote. I wouldn’t ne this as a first read but start jarrow an overview of Taoism first. Circulate the Microcosmic Orbit So 2 days ago I picked up Mantak Chia’s book on Bone Marrow Nei Kung, and while I discarded most of it it was on hitting, testicles massage, weight lifting, etc the first 2 chapters on theory and bone breathing Really blasted my practice open.

Thank you so much! Any reduction of this pressure increases the chances of illness and overall weakness.

In the first stage of Bone Compression, inhale Chi into each part of the skeletal system in a manner similar to Bone Breathing, but spiral the energy as you draw it in.

Move up to the sacrum and massage it clockwise, then counterclockwise 36 times. The difference is that he adds 2 ‘gates’: Breathe through your nose in long, deep, but gentle cycles. Bone Marrow Nei Kung is also an excellent medium for weight control as it generates intense heat within the body to burn up large quantities of fat.

Back to the book, the part on bone breathing and bone compression are excellent practices. Inhale, pulling up the undertrunk, then spiral the energy up from the fingers and toes throughout the arms and legs to meet at the center of the spine.

Chi Weight Lifting marrwo not be attempted without the proper Training. A few years ago this topic would have drawn interest from only select circles of martial artists. ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics.

Stimulation of the pituitary gland is believed to prevent the production of an aging hormone that ultimately brings death. Athletic competition has also influenced many of our concepts of health and well-being.

Taoist Practices strengthen the Immune System.

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Readers should not undertake the practice without receiving per- sonal transmission and training from a certified instructor of the Universal Tao, since certain of these practices, if done improperly, may cause injury or result in khng problems.


These techniques are the main focus of this book in preparation for the higher level practices, such as Chi Weight Lifting. No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission from the author except for brief quotations embodied in critical articles and reviews.

You will love kunv this man writes. The Chi travels from the back of the rib cage to maarrow front. Remember to draw energy in with more force with each new inhalation, thereby accessing further points within each limb. You should find that this practice greatly enhances your health and sexuality. Breathing into the Hands and Feet Together The purpose of the Sexual Energy Massage ukng to release Ching Chi from the genitals so that it can be disseminated throughout the body and absorbed into the bones.

Improving the Heart Function Although yellow marrow can also produce blood cells, healthy blood production is contingent upon a higher proportion of red marrow in the bones and less fat. His feet were firmly planted on the ground, and he was wrapped around the tree in such a way that his internal strength could best be applied. Kunt, using hard muscular contractions, squeeze Chi into the bones, feeling its heat in the marrow.

Breathing into the Toes Unless one learns how to retain this energy and build up a healthy reserve, the organs and glands must sacrifice one third of their energy to replenish the genitals which produce Ching Chi.

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