In this new translation of Bonaventure’s Breviloquium, Dominic Monti brings to the English speaking world – for the first time – one of the most brilliant yet. St. Bonaventure’s Breviloquium is a very concise handbook (hence the name) summarizing many of the most important concepts of medieval theology written for. This is Bonaventure’s comprehensive presentation of Christian doctrine in a form suitable for instructional purposes. It can be used by anyone with an interest in.

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Finally, there is depth in the Scriptures, deriving from their several figurative meanings. In a way that is not true of Aquinas or Albert or Scotus, Bonaventure does not survive well the transition from his time to ours.

East Dane Designer Bonaventude Fashion. One person found this helpful. Thereupon the General Chapter of Narbonne promulgated the above-mentioned decree, identical with the “constitutio gravis in contrarium” Bacon speaks of.

All other books are cited in the Challoner-Douay translation. For the Old Testament is contained in the New, and vice versa.

The Book of Bonaventue Rule: Max rated it really liked it Nov 18, Bonaventure is interested, not in the distinction between theology and philosophy, hut in the love of God, revealed in the Scriptures, accessible through reason, hut also communicated directly to loving souls through the channels of mystical grace. To obtain this illumination, the soul must employ the proper means, which are prayer, the exercise of the virtueswhereby it is rendered fit to accept the divine light, and meditation that may rise even to ecstatic union with God.

Many writings believed in the Middle Ages to be his are now collected under the name Pseudo-Bonaventure. There are good references in the bonaventire, but more thorough explanations in certain places would probably be necessary for someone entirely new to medieval theology. One of the works of Bonaventure that demonstrates his skill in “the divine art of synthesis” and is considered “the capstone of his academic careet. This is the fullness to which the divine Scriptures would lead us, as is truly said in the words of the apostle quoted above.


The Evolution of Medieval Thought 2nd ed. Bonaventure, however, is not only a meditative thinker, whose works may form good manuals of devotion; he is a dogmatic theologian of high rank, and on all the disputed questions of scholastic thought, such as universalsmatter, seminal reasons, the principle of individuation, or the intellectus agenshe gives weighty bonavfnture well-reasoned decisions.

There are in this work seven parts, containing in all seventy-two chapters.

His analytical system is used, not to diminish the objects of bonagenture study or merely to reduce them to digestible parts, but, on the contrary, to demonstrate their complex magnitude, and, in the case of the Godhead, its immensity beyond comprehension. Would you like to tell us about a lower price? Bishops and Archbishops of York.

Views Read Edit View history. Breviloquim, therefore, a language sometimes literal and sometimes figurative, it sums up, as it were, the content of the entire universe, and so covers the BREADTH; it describes the whole course of history, thereby comprehending the LENGTH; it displays the glory of those finally to be saved, thus showing the HEIGHT; it recounts the misery of the reprobate, and thus reveals the DEPTH, bonaventjre only of the universe, but also of God’s judgment.

Any philosopher is bound to fall into serious error, he believed, who lacks the light of faith.

Andrew Burson rated it it was amazing Aug 31, Anne rated it liked it Oct 27, Vreviloquium, being the highest knowledge and the highest teaching, it resolves everything in God as the first and supreme Principle. Finally, the light given forth by the things of faith as such varies with the state of the believer.

Customers who bought this item also bought. The only extant relic of the saint is the arm and hand with which he wrote his Commentary on the Sentenceswhich is now conserved at Bagnoregio, in the parish church of St.


St. Bonaventure :: The Breviloquium

When the Scriptural words directly signify finite matters pertaining to the people of Israel, the expositor should search in other parts of Scripture for a possible symbolical meaning attaching to these things, and then bring out this interpretation by words which plainly express a truth of faith or a principle of moral behavior. So Scriptures are high, higher, or most high accordingly as they describe the ecclesiastical, the angelical, or the divine hierarchies.

Minister General of the Order of Friars Minor — No trivia or quizzes yet. In that light, it’s maybe most helpful to see this work as a sort of textbook, designed for young friars who were entering the order and the university without a large background of theological training. Wikisource has original text related to this article: That is why my companions have asked me, from my own little knowledge, to write a brief summary of true theology.

This fact influences his importance for the history of philosophy; when coupled with his style, it makes Bonaventure perhaps the least accessible of the major figures of the thirteenth century. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1.


Amazon Renewed Refurbished products with a warranty. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The third is called adolescence, for then Abraham was summoned to receive circumcision and the promise of offspring; as, in adolescence, the procreative beviloquium begins to be active.

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