The fourth Blacksad album is a murder mystery set in the jazz scene of States by Dark Horse Comics as Blacksad: A Silent Hell. Stuff I Read – Blacksad: A Silent Hell by Juan Díaz Canales Review Ah, back to the world of Blacksad, which is basically our world but with more animal-people. This review is contributed by James Tan. Blacksad: A Silent Hell is another volume in the comic series of John Blacksad, the private detective.

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Hmm…perhaps I should just ditch the metaphor and get on with the review. ParkaBlogs Newsletter Stay informed on our latest news! Overview Detective John Blacksad returns, with a new case that takes him to a s New Orleans filled with hot jazz and cold-blooded murder! Javascript is not enabled in your browser.

Blacksad: A Silent Hell

At a nightclubFletcher performs his new song, detailing how he had become congenitally deformed and many others had died due to a carcinogenic flu balm that was being sold in his hometown by the mysterious “Dr. Sign in with Facebook Sign in options. LitFlash The eBooks you want at the lowest prices. Blacksad confronts Kaylie’s mother, Dinah, who has mysteriously failed to report her daughter’s disappearance.

This album has the additional bonus of two short stories and what I like best is the “making of” section, where Guarnido generously shares his technique and thoughts in creating the lush watercolour backgrounds and how he tackles the various problems in creating different watercolour scenes and characters.

At a pit-stop, two hitch-hikers who we see are Chad and Abe steal the prized car and Blacksad, with the help of a street gang, motorcycle after them, hoping to catch them on their way to Amarillo.

A Silent Hell Detective John Blacksad returns, with a new case that takes him to a s New Orleans filled with hot jazz and cold-blooded murder! Blacksad shoots the rat, blackzad the dying goanna and sllent uncovers the culprit of the whole affair: Later that night during a performance, before Luanne is to go out and perform her act, Chad catches Polyphemus blackxad to rape Luanne and while Chad and him fight, she stabs him in the neck.

He lands a side-job when a rich Texan asks him to drive his prized car to Tulsa, Oklahoma where he is flying. Blacksad then finds a fatalistic Otto, who admits that his efforts to reduce the world’s suffering have only left it worse than before. There is a hippopotamus as the rival detective and the missing Jazz musician is a dog with a drug addiction.


Abe drops into the discussion that he has mailed Chad’s manuscript sklent to some place in Asia, and Chad is instantly infuriated—that novel was his ticket out of the vagrant life, and out of relying on Abe to live.

Blacksad gives the proof to Weekly in a sealed envelope, with instructions to publish the contents if anything happens to him. Discover new books on Goodreads. Smirnov offers him a deal, advantageous to both sides.

Luanne however has tagged along unbeknownst to them and she and Chad escape on the road, to repay Chad for not ratting her out and with mutual thanks they catch a train to start a new life—but Elmore a koalathe circus leader, finds out they have escaped.

Blacksad corners Jezabel after Karup’s funeral, proving, xilent a matching birthmark, that she is Dinah’s twin. Suspecting Karup of the killing, Blacksad directly confronts him siletn his suspicions and reveals Jezabel’s affair with Huk. Still, the story holds together and the art shines.

E-mail The content of this field is kept private q will not be shown blackasd. He finds a leaflet blzcksad a lecture given by his old school teacher, Otto Liebber, a nuclear physicist and Nobel Prize candidate. Search for a book to add a reference. Gangsters, kidnappers, maniacal s, and thugs of all stripes had their lurid stories recounted in Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

It is also implied that he had the drug dealer poison Fletcher to prevent him from performing the new song that would ruin LaChapelle. Dargaud titles French comics Fictional cats Anthropomorphic cats Fictional police detectives Detective comics Comics featuring anthropomorphic characters Harvey Award winners for Best Graphic Sillent of Original Work Comics set in the s Novels set in the United States Comics about cats Comics about animals comics debuts Comics characters introduced in Spanish comics Spanish comics characters.

Dupre”, and how bureaucratic payoffs kept Dupre from prison once he was found out. Blacksad is happy to be taking a well-earned vacation, staying behind in New Orleans for a while, while Weekly returns home to New York.

I’m all about the anthropomorphized animal stories, so this volume is like slipping on a comfy sweater. Just as in the pages of Hellboy, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Blacksad Cover of Blacksad: Chad tries to stop Neal from walking away, but in grabbing his coat, accidentally imbalances Neal into the road and he is violently hit by one of the buses.


Blacksad: Silent Hell (Hardcover Collection) :: Profile :: Dark Horse Comics

He finds Luanne as she is about to leave and insists Chad go with her, and lie low for a while, while he deals with the police. In Variety reported that a movie adaptation of Blacksad was in development. Abe views his vocation more romantically than Chad, hell sees writing as his career and a means to money, and Abe accuses Chad of not having a true passion like he does.

That all said, of course there are elements that aren’t exactly the greatest. Blacksad discovers that Leeman is responsible for killing Blacksae friends, planning to blackmail LaChapelle with the truth of what happened in Fletcher’s hometown. Despite Thomas’ insistence that he boacksad her alone, he questions her as to her husband’s whereabouts. The story this time around has all the classic Blacksad misery.

Cotten is also seen b,acksad Hewitt, Kayleigh as Kaylie, and some versions of the book end with Blacksad scattering Cotten’s Hewitt’s ashes to the wind over Las Vegasfulfilling his last wish. Stricken with this new information, Blacksad seeks solace from Alma, only to learn that she has been arrested by the FBI after being inexplicably betrayed by Gotfield.

It’s bringing Blacksad from the last chapter, which was very grounded and dark and violent, to a new place, one with a bit more wonder and awe and, yes, hope, even when the story takes a number of dark, dark turns. Want to Read saving….

The style of drawing has evolved throughout the series, with later issues displaying sharper, higher-quality colour and fewer grainy lines.

He also delivers with astoundingly well designed characters. Caleb Briggs, Grace’s eldest son and a member The series occasionally features anthropomorphic versions of famous people, most notably in Red Soul. Archived from the original on 1 January The pair soon meet Leeman a hippopotamusthe last detective who was hired to find Fletcher. And the plot is pulled together pretty well, with some classic mystery tropes that play out pretty well.

Our heroes face new horrors, as they investigate small-town vanishings, wild monsters in the woods, and a strange new creature that arrives to create hell on earth.