Live data map for the Bike Share Toronto bikeshare system in Toronto, Canada. Click map for interactive version. BIXI is slated to launch in Toronto on May 3 with 1, bikes spread out over 80 stations. While we’re all for. About Bixi: Bixi is a public bicycle rental system that originated in Montreal. It is based on the popular “Velib” bicycle rental system in Paris, France.

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Toronto Bixi Bike Locations

Since launching in Montreal it has expanded or has plans to expand to LondonMelbourneMinneapolisBoston and Toronto. UrbanToronto Development Map Search condos and other developments. Initially operated by Montreal’s Bixi service, the system was taken over by Toronto’s Parking Authority after Torobto filed for bankruptcy in Compared to Montreal’s 5, bikes and stationsfor example, Toronto’s system of 1, bikes and 80 mzp is underdeveloped, especially when our city’s far larger population is taken into account.

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Currently, Toronto Bikeshare consists of a network of approximately 1, bikes and 4, active users, though the system has been plagued by difficulties since its inception in What’s your take on the systems?

Cast your vote for Toronto ‘s best new buildings here: It will launch with 1, bicycles at 80 Bixi stations spread around the downtown core, approximately metres apart. In MY view, it is misleading. Though Hamilton’s SoBi system consists of only bikes, maap to Toronto’s 1, the ability to park bikes anywhere makes them more attractive to users, who don’t have to worry about finding a station which there are more of than in Toronto next to every destination.


Compared to many other cities, Toronto’s bike-sharing infrastructure and technology is relatively inefficient and expensive for both the city and the user, notwithstanding the number of bicycles and stations.

View the discussion thread. This means that parked bikes can be found scattered throughout the city, with mzp GPS directing each user to the vehicle nearest to them.

I think you should check the facts to make sure your data is correct. I doubt he would know one if he saw one.

How To Join Bixi: Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada. Recent News about Bixi: An interactive map of Hamilton’s bike-sharing system, image courtesy of SoBi Hamilton.

Toronto Bixi Bike Locations – Avenza Systems Inc. – Avenza Maps

Likewise, parking anywhere —together with the higher volume of stations —allows the relatively small number of bikes to cover a large area. Standing on the precipice of a major expansion, Toronto Bike Share is set to provide expanded and more comprehensive service to Torontonians.

I rode the bixi system in Montreal last fall and it was great! During this first phase PBSC and City staff would focus on achieving five project milestones that would trigger the launch of the program. I think that a company, bixy toronto should apologize and compensate for exess charges. Though Hamilton’s SoBi system only launched a few months ago March 20thit already boasts more users 5, active as of early than Toronto’s system, thanks in large part to its greater convenience and ease of use, together with lower maintenance costs, which pass savings along to the consumer.


Firstly, the ” unlock code ” sent to a user’s phone allows for a bike to be quickly rented, avoiding potential lineups at a separate terminal. It will launch in the downtown core of the city, bordered roughly by Bloor, Jarvis, Lakeshore and Spadina.

For corporations, Bixi has lots of information about buying gift certificates for employees as well as sponsorship opportunities. There is then a charge for every 15 minutes the bike is out of that stand…. Cast your vote in our Year-End Readers’ Poll!

Hamilton’s Bikeshare Success Provides Lessons for Toronto | Urban Toronto

It is also not explained very well on the service kiosks. Yet, beyond the laudable investments in expanded infrastructure, some of the structural advantages of Hamilton’s system provide a possible blueprint for future evolution.

Bixie Beware the Unsuspecting Tourist! Reproduction in whole or in part strictly prohibited. The five project milestones are: