TM 12 Genetic engineering in action 1 (Biologi Molekuler ).pptx – Download as .ppt /.pptx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation slides online . Perkembangan Biologi Molekuler dan Pembelajarannya. Sutiman B. Sumitro. Laboratorium Biologi Sel dan Molekuler. Fakultas MIPA. Universitas Brawijaya. Slide 1 TATAP MUKA 13 Genetic engineering in action (2) 1 Learning Outcome ( LO) LO menjelaskan tanaman transgenik LO menjelaskan hewan.

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This approach led to the production of the celebrated supermouse in the early s, which represents one of the milestones of genetic engineering. Yeast episomal plasmids YEps didasarkan atas plasmid 2 m ragi, dan dapat mereplikasi secara mandiri atau mengintegrasikan ke kromosom. Pengembangan dan implementasi teknologi proteksi merupakan daerah yang sangat kontroversial moleukler emosional dalam manipulasi genetik tanaman, dengan pendapat yang kuat di kedua sisi argumen.

There are two main nutritional deficiency problems that are particularly prevalent in developing countries.

This has been exploited in the construction of vectors that are made up of plasmid sequences joined to the cos sites of phage. Despite these advantages, the well-tried vectors such as pBR and pAT are often more than sufficient for the experimental procedure that is being performed. Plasmid Ti mengandung gen: Di halte pelat macroprojectile yang masih dipertahankan dalam ruangan dan microprojectiles membawa ke jaringan target.

Contoh ini menunjukkan janin 13 hari dari strain transgenik yang mengekspresikan transgen dalam jaringan otak selama kehamilan. These vectors do not contain all the genes required for Ti-mediated gene transfer and, thus, have to be used in conjunction with other plasmids to enable the cloned DNA to become integrated into the plant cell molekyler.

Percobaan ‘supermouse’ dilakukan dengan menempatkan salinan gen hormon pertumbuhan tikus GH di bawah kendali promotor gen metallothionine tikus MMT.

Mice were produced in which the c-myc oncogene and sections of the mouse mammary tumour MMT virus gave rise to breast cancer. These are iron deficiency and vitamin A deficiency, both of which result from a lack of these micronutrients in the diet. A map of a nopaline Ti plasmid is shown in Fig.

Despite these difficulties, methods for the generation of transgenic plants and animals are now well established, and the technology has already had soide major impact in a range of different disciplines. Some features of plasmid vectors are described below. Segmen kiri adalah mirip dengan struktur nopaline T-DNA, dan tidak diperlukan untuk pembentukan tumor.



Diskusi Mk Biologi Molekuler Documents. Published on Feb View Download 0. Ltm 1 Aplikasi Biologi Molekuler Documents. Kloning gen berkaitan dengan pemilihan dan penggunaan: After some 50 to divisions, the telomeres become so short that the cell can no longer dividea phenomenon scientists call senescencethat is, the state of being old. The left and right borders of the T-DNA are present filled regions. The lytic response can be induced in a lysogenic bacterium in response to a stimulus such as ultraviolet light.

Salah satu aplikasi tersebut ditunjukkan pada Gambar. Thus, a good deal of caution is often required when interpreting results. In this section, we will look at the science of transgenic plant production. Some of the methods are 1 direct transfection or retroviral infection of embryonic stem cells followed by introduction of these cells into an embryo at the blastocyst stage of development; 2 retroviral infection of early embryos; 3 direct microinjection of DNA into oocytes, zygotes, or early embryo cells; 4 sperm-mediated transfer; 5 transfer into unfertilised ova; and 6 physical techniques such as biolistics or electrofusion.

Basically a chromosome is one long chain of genetic material. Such studies provided the essential background information on which genetic engineering is based. Genes for nopaline synthase nos and tumour morphology tms, tmr, and tml are shown. Insert DNA is shaded in part ii. As they lack phage genes, they behave as plasmids when introduced into E.

TM 05 Sel Inang Dan Vektor Kloning (Biologi Molekuler ) – [PPTX Powerpoint]

At this point DNA replication becomes asymmetric, and single-stranded copies of the genome biolohi produced and extruded from the cell as M13 particles.

Telomeres function by preventing chromosomes from losing base pair sequences at their ends. Important in replication – they act like a buffer zoneEach time a normal cell biologo its telomeres are cut shorterCells with critically short telomeres become unable to divide further, and eventually malfunction and dieBasically a chromosome is one long chain of genetic material. These vectors are sometimes provided as part of a cloning kit that contains all the essential components to conduct a cloning experiment.

In developing this technology the key target is to alter the cell surface recognition properties biolkgi the donor organs, so that the transplant is not rejected by the human immune system.

Generally, these have been constructed so that they have particular characteristics not found in the simpler vectors, such as a wider range of restriction sites for cloning DNA fragments.


Teknik Biologi Molekuler Seluler (Agr ) – ppt download

The theory is simple — if plants can be made herbicide-resistant, then weeds can be treated with a broad-spectrum herbicide without the crop plant being affected. The principle of the method is shown in Fig. Even if the desired result is a transgenic organism, the gene to be used must first be isolated and characterised, and therefore cloning systems are required.

One of themajor problems we have already mentioned has been the public acceptance of transgenic plants. The cloning site SmaI lies within the sup4 gene hatched.

Percobaan ini menghasilkan ‘supermouse’ pada awal tahunyang merupakan salah satu tonggak rekayasa genetika. Within an individual, every cell has the same number of chromosomes and generally come in pairs except xlide sex cells.

Dolly was diagnosed with arthritis, normally found in old sheep Telomeres are the ends of our chromosomes. To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors. By implanting genes into embryos, features of development such as tissue-specific gene expression can be investigated.

Using animals as bioreactors offers an alternative to the fermentation of bacteria or yeast that contain the target gene. If you wish to download it, please recommend it to your friends in any social system. This enzyme digests pectin in the cell wall and leads to fruit softening and the onset of rotting. Other examples of transgenic animals acting as bioreactors include pigs that express human haemoglobin, and cows that produce human lactoferrin.

This is a particularly sensitive topic when those who would benefit most may not have the means to afford the technology, and again raisessome difficult ethical questions. Studi tentang perkembangan embriologis telah dikembangkan oleh kemampuan untuk memasukkan gen ke dalam telur atau embrio awal, dan ada ruang untuk manipulasi hewan ternak dengan penggabungan sifat yang diinginkan melalui transgenesis.

Auth with social network: There is also great concern that any sterility-generating technology could transfer to other variants, species, or genera, thus having a devastating effect on third-world farming communities.