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Tractatulus de practica lapidis philosophici, p English alchemists Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.

John Dastin topic John Dastin [1] c. Testamenti novissimi pars altera, p This also makes it clear that Roth-Scholtz was aiming the book at a wider, bourgeois readership Tumulus Hermetis apertus p Chemida super Vhemica ad Regem Neapolitanum, p It is based on reprints of older publications, such as Theatrum Chemicum and Theatrum Chemicum Britannicum.

Most of Ripley’s work is based on the work of pseudo-Ramon Anonymi ad precendentenn Epistolam Responsio, p An aludel was used as a condenser in the sublimation process and thus came to signify the end-stages of transformation and the symbol of creation. He became a practitioner of the iatrochemical medicine of Paracelsus.

His alchemical writings attracted attention not only when they were published in the fifteenth century, but also later in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. Liber duodecim Clavium, p Liber de magno Lapide Antiquorum Sapientum, p The Deutsche Theatrum Chemicum is a collection of alchemical texts, predominantly in German translation, which was published in Nuremberg in three volumes, by Friedrich Roth-Scholtz —the publisher, printer and bibliographer.


Bibliotheca chemica curiosa

Liber dictus Lux Mercuriorum in quo explicatur quod in aliis Libris occultatum est, p Deutsches Theatrum Chemicum topic The Deutsche Theatrum Chemicum is a collection of alchemical texts, predominantly in German translation, which was published in Nuremberg in three volumes, by Friedrich Roth-Scholtz —the publisher, printer and bibliographer. Tractatus de Sulphure, p Philaletha Brevis Manuductio ad Rubinum Celestem, p Libellus utilissimus peri ChmeiaV, cui titulum fecit Correctorium, p For the sake of brevity, the work is most often referred to simply as Theatrum Chemicum.

His writings were studied by noted figures such as the alchemist John Dee, Robert Boyle who is considered to be the first modern chemistand even Isaac Newton.

Philippus Jacobus Sachs a Levvenheimb. Born in Castelnaudary, France inhe studied medicine in Montpellier, France. In addition to his own researches, he assiduously compiled preceding medical literature. Life He was born in Geneva, the son of a merchant. Liber Investigationis Magisterii, p Translated by Hawkes, Jack.

Bibliotheca Chemica Curiosa – Wikipedia

Hydrolithus Sophicus, seu Aquarium Sapientum, p Bibliophiles Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Bibliotheca chemica curiosa Jean-Jacques Manget.

De prima Materia Lapidis Philosophici, p Member feedback about Musaeum Hermeticum: Raymundi Lulli Scripta explicantur, p Liber Potestas Divitiarum dictus, in quo optima expositio Testamenti Hermetis continetur, p He was an Umayyad prince, a brother of Muawiyah II[2] who was briefly caliph.

Prince Khalid lost the chance of inheriting the title, but took an interest in the study of alchemy, in Egypt. Member feedback about Theatrum Chemicum: The first three volumes were published inwhile the final sixth volume was published in its entirety in Tractatus de Metallorum Metamorphosi, p Beginning in he practiced medicine in Castelnaudary.


Daniel Stolcius de Stolcenberg. Hermes Trismegistus, Expositiones Dornei, p He studied at Oxford and was appointed vicar of the church of Bringhurst, Leicestershire. The texts also include more curious selections, such as legal advice on which spouse owns silverware which has been transmuted into gold. Alchemical documents Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Calid, Kalid, or King Calid is a legendary figure in alchemy, latterly associated with the historical Khalid ibn Yazid d.

Conspectus Scriptorum Chemicorum Celebriorum, p Plate 15 from vol.

Bibliotheca Chemica Curiosa

He was born in the village of Greet, in the county of Gloucestershire and was ordained deacon in Epistola de Accurtatione Lapidis Benedicti missa Anno Joannes Ferdinandus Hertodt a Todtenfeldt.

Theatrum Chemicum “Chemical Theatre” is a compendium of early alchemical writings published in six volumes over the curioza of six decades.

Liber Magisterii de confectione veri Lapidis Philosophorum, 4. Member feedback about Jean-Jacques Manget: Liber Secretorum Artis, p