Bhartruhari was a poet. == from India == 5th Century A.D. == Language: Sanskrit poet. What is Niti Satakam? S`atakam is a book of verses. QUOTES FROM SUBHAASHITA TRISHATEE OF RAJA BHARTRIHARI It was he who gave us the immortal Subhashita Trishati consisting the Students of Sanskrit are sure to have read selections from Subhashita Trishati. Difficulties in conveying the quantitative nature of Sanskrit verse. 2. Investigate Hank Heifetz’s belief that Sanskrit verse is better rendered by some free verse.

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I have been very pleased with all the items. The snake caught the rat and satisfied its hunger.

What profit is there in the Vedas, or in the Smriti, or in the reading of Puranas and the tedious Sastras, or in the bewildering multitude of ceremonial acts which lead to an abode in the tabernacles of heaven? This is a sanskrot from the poet.

I heartfully once again thankful to your great contribution in translating in equally poetic style.

NEETI SHATAKAM OF BHARTHRUHARI – Gleanings from Sanskrit Literature

Unite thyself to the Supreme Spirit, and abandon thy own state as unsteady as the waves. It does not pretend to popularise studies which are yet in their infancy. You are the Lord of the Wealth.


Milk also jumps into fire, unable to bear the danger to its friend water. The body is bent with age, the steps fail, the teeth are broken, the sight becomes dim, deafness grows on one, the mouth dribbles, servants cease to obey one’s orders, one’s wife is not submissive, one’s son is even one’s enemy such are the evils of old age.

For Brahma working in the egg, cf. The poet has no desire to relinquish his beloved even in the forest. The system of Kapila contains nearly all that India has produced in the department of pure philosophy. This is the life of one who has attained to the fourth order in the Brahman caste, and is called a Sannydsin, or a Tail. Aborigines of the North-Eastern Frontier.

He did not learn and earn the erudition required to conquer scholars round the world.


Parasu Rama, Rama with the axe ; 7. A serpent even if adorned with gems, continues to be fierce and frightening. The man who subdues his senses. Here, the poet shows good observative skills. We may compare the ideas in this stanza with the words of St. Continuation of the ideas in preceding sloka.

subhaashita related Sanskrit Documents in Devanagari script

Aldna, ” The post to which an elephant is tied. Enjoying leads to diseases. Was Bhartruhari religious or secular? For better life management in new Millennium Set of 2 Volumes. Home is a mansion.


There- fore good deeds and the results they produce are to be viewed with apprehension. The poet abhors seeing kings. Prakrit i-mahat, “great in nature” tat purusha comp.

Sanskrit Documents List: Subhaashita Index

Let valour be struck by lightning. OF the three Satakas or centuries of couplets ascribed to Bhartrihari, the Mti and Vairagya Satakas alone are included in the following pages. May Hara, whose forehead is ornamented by the crescent moon like a tongue of flame, who consumed the god of love flitting around him like a moth, manifesting himself in the height of the state of happiness, who re- moves the mighty weight of darkness which overwhelms the earth, the torch of light in the innermost mind of the ascetic, may he, Hara, be victorious!

They were thinking of ordinary sensual pleasures again and again and stooping down in the process. The poet compares a human to an actor on a stage. Poole tells us the facts Listen to nicely compiled subhAShita by Mrs. The Devas, while churning the milky ocean, got invaluable jewels but they were not content with that.

Also Uttarardmacharita ” Naisargiki surabhinah kusumasya siddha murdhni sthitir na charanair avatadanani.