The word “bezoar” corresponds to accumulation of undigestible foreign In the clinical practice, bezoars correspond to rare findings. Bezoar gástrico. Bezoar gástrico como complicación de la cirugía de obesidad mórbida. Caso clínico y revisión de la bibliografíaGastric food bezoar as a complication of bariatric. Request PDF on ResearchGate | On Jun 20, , Audel Pedroza and others published Bezoar gástrico de plástico como causa de.

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Psychiatric illness, suicidal tendencies and mental retardation are common associations with trichobezoar hair bezoar. Korean J Intern Med. Celery, grape, prune, persimmon, and pineapple are the main nutrients responsible for the phytobezoars.

The authors report no conflicts of interest in relation to this work; specifically they have no affiliation and have received no payment from The Coca-Cola Company. Computed tomography plays a relevant role in the diagnosis of such cases, demonstrating expansile, concentric and compressive mass in the stomach lumen, filled with air and debris 5.

A dark, “J-shaped” specimen with putrid odor and weighing grams was removed Figure 4. Stomach trichobezoars may cause nonspecific dyspeptic symptoms such as post-prandial abdominal pain, nausea and emesis, halitosis, gastrointestinal bleeding, anemia and malnutrition 2,5.

Como citar este artigo. The standard surgery is a laparotomy with gastrotomy.

These gastricoo contain abundant indigestible fibers such as cellulose, hemicellulose, lignin, and fruit particles. The most common symptoms include abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, early satiety, anorexia, and weight loss.


There was an epigastric mass of stony consistency, bulky, with poorly defined limits, painful on palpation and about 7 cm diameter.

Bezoar gástrico como complicación de banda gástrica en manejo de obesidad mórbida: Caso clínico

Since the patient refused the application of a bezar catheter, she drank the Coca-Cola Zero orally at a dose of mL three times daily. Trichobezoar symptoms depend on the site and size of the mass, besides the degree of functional involvement of the affected segment.

Giant gastric trichobezoar in a young female. Surgical aspects of gastrointestinal persimmon phytobezoar treatment.

Tricobezoar: Uma Causa Rara de Massa Abdominal e Obstrução Gástrica

Gastric bezoars – spontaneous resolution. The endoscopy confirmed the diagnosis of a large volume trichobezoar not amenable for chemical dissolution or endoscopic fragmentation Fig. The present report describes the case of a female, year-old patient with a large epigastric mass who was submitted to clinical and imaging investigation and subsequent surgical management.

The patient underwent laparotomy and gastrotomy for removal of a trichobezoar weighing 1, grams.

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She denied the presence of fever, altered bowel habits or visible blood loss. Patients should also be gastricco for an underlying motility disorder. These opinions gastric the mucolytic effect of NaHCO 3 in Coca-Cola, 25 permanent acid media provided by carbonic acid and phosphoric acid found in Coca-Cola, 20 and eased digestion caused by carbonic acid bubbles that penetrate into the bezoar through the microscopic pores bzeoar its surface.

On the abdominal ultrasonography there was thickening of the gastric wall and antrum with gastric distension. Her laboratory results were within the normal ranges leukocyte 4.


Introduction Bezoars are concretions of undigested or partially digested foreign material in the gastrointestinal or genitourinary tract. Gastric outlet obstruction caused by a dumbbell-shaped phytobezoar impacted in a deformed duodenal bulb. Stanten A, Peters HE. The main surgical techniques include manual fragmentation and milking to cecum, gastrotomy, bezoaf enterotomy, as well as resectioning and anastomosis in complicated cases.

In conclusion, breaking phytobezoars into pieces using Coca-Cola should be kept in mind as an easy to apply, cheap, and effective method for treatment.

Breaking the bezoar with Coca-Cola, which was first reported in by Ladas et al, has been performed in five patients and successful outcomes have been obtained by irrigating the stomach with three liters of Coca-Cola given through a nasogastric tube within 12 hours.

Small bowel obstruction due to phytobezoar: Discussion Although the prevalence of bezoars has been reported as 0. Development of bezoars is usually associated with predisposing risk factors.

Tomographic sections of the abdomen demonstrated a mass with “entangled appearance” occupying the whole gastric lumen Figure 2.

Phytobezoars following gastric bezoae for duodenal ulcer. Endoscopic and enzymatic treatment of gastric bezoar with acetylcysteine. The postoperative period was uneventful.

Open in a separate window. Stomach; foreign-body migration; pancreatitis; diagnosis; differential; therapeutics; laparoscopy.