Subwoofer Beyma 18G General specifications: diameter 18 inches, maximum power W. Thiele-Small parameters: frequency of self resonance Fs = Find great deals for Beyma 18G 18 G 18″ Bass Driver Sub Speaker PA Pro Audio Woofer. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Official manufacturer’s recone Kit for a Beyma 18G 8 Ohm. This is what you need to repair a blown driver. Technical skills are required for fitting, do not try.

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Yellow- Beyma- 3 drivers, 12 cubic foot 3 Boxes watt sealed. Grey- Beyma- 3 drivers, 24 cubic foot 3 boxes watt, 30Hz tune.

Beyma 18g Recone Kit 8 Ohm | eBay

Apr 20, at 7: Ok, well if it is only for music, you could have three of the Betma’s spread around the room, in 4 cubic foot boxes, giving a Qtc of around. No size limits remember. The Fi has nearly 3 times the Xmax, so for HT it is far better, If you give a budget and your size limitations beeyma the box I can put you in the right direction.

Where can you get them for that price?? Beyma 18g 18″ driver. No, create an account now. I really care about SQ and tightness and depth.

By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. Apr 23, at 7: I would definitely suggest going for the FI, if you feel like you want more simply add another when the funds build up again.


My advice, three Beyma’s in 8 cubic feet boxes, feed from the one EP, tune to 30Hz this is around the lowest most music goes with a 8″ port 13″ long this will be a great 18gg400 Ok, so it is worse than the Fi SSD range.

Study the graph below: As you can see, ported is the way to go!

I would wait for others to chime in and see what they say. Apr 24, at You must log in or sign up to reply here.

Beyma 18g400 Recone Kit 8 Ohm

Mar 16, Messages: Apr 23, at For example in comparison to the Fi SSD 18? Are you talking about movies or music?

Apr 20, at 4: Light Green- Fi- 5 beyna foot sealed, watts, sealed. It is in the Beyma the WinISD database if you want to download it and mess around with different box sizes etc.

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18g4000 is for music BTW. The 18g is a “Pro audio” driver, it has a Xmax of 7mm, I am sure it would make a very nice subwoofer for music if tuned to Hz in a large vented box, you could use it for HT, but you would miss out on a lot of Hz content.

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Ok, if it is a big room, go for ported, a lot of people believe that sealed are better for music, this is not right, if designed begma, ported is just as good, your woofer will run half the excursion to get the same SPL as the sealed sub, so distortion will be lower. Hi Does anyone know 18400 the Beyma 18g 18″ performs?


Well sound quality has a lot to do with perception, and psychoacoustics, but in the real world, you could have three subs spaced across the room, taming room modes and getting you a pretty bejma FR, you will have three voice coils, and there should be less power compression, and lower distortion in the Hz range too, due to the multiple drivers.

Beyma 18G 18″ Aftermarket Recone Kit – Speaker Exchange

Purple- XLS watt. Yes, my password is: But which BK sub is the Beyma better than or equal to? Thanks for the advice.

Apr 20, at As for wiring them, one wired to Channel 1, will get around watts 8 ohm and the other two wired beyyma Parallel, would get around watts between them 4 ohmbuilding 4 subs would get the most out of the amp, because you could run it 2 ohm’s per channel watts. Apr 23, at 9: Apr 20, at 5: Apr 23, at 3: Your nickname or email address: