Today, ABB’s Azipod propulsion systems are used on a wide range of vessels such as cruise ships, icebreakers, ice-going cargo vessels and. WITH AZIPOD PROPULSION SYSTEMS. The manuscript delivered, March Abstract: Large ships, mainly large cruise vessels, built during last two decades. Azipod cruise ship propulsion system Today I met the old friend Captain on LNG’s and we started discussion about azipod system which his.

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Challenging the way forward Elizabeth Mavropoulou. The power management system connects or disconnects diesel generator sets to the network depending on the vessel power requirement, reducing both inefficient low load operation and running hours of the diesel engines.

Archived from the original PDF on Sharing the burden of greening: Testing of remotely operated passenger ferry. Please fill in required fields.

ABB Claims Greater Fuel Efficiency with New Azipod Propulsion Line

Testing of remotely operated passenger ferry Conference focuses on fuels and propulsion technologies New project considers 5G technology for electricity grid and harbor automation Research launched to test the viability of fuel cells How small investment can power smarter options Loss of propulsion leads dredger to collide with loaded barge Leave a reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

The electrical propulsion system – where the electric motor with propeller is mounted inside a streamlined pod capable of degree movement beneath the ship – has evolved to become the industry standard for the marine industry.


In the subsequent installations, ABB adopted the more efficient “pulling” configuration similar to propeller-driven airplanes. I need service or support ABB Service. Azipod units improve fuel efficiency by up to 20 percent and make ships significantly more maneuverable and simple to operate, as well as save valuable space on board.

Paris MoU detentions during Conference focuses on fuels and propulsion technologies. In the existing propulsion installation of the propulxion Arctic tanker UIKKU was replaced by a cycloconverter-controlled FLNG unit sets sail for Argentina. The Azipod XL concept can be designed to give high bollard pull thrust at lower speed and still have good characteristics at higher speeds.

VIDEO: The Azipods Used to Propel the World’s Largest Cruise Ships – gCaptain

Unlocking the benefits of renewable propulsion Diane Gilpin. Feasibility of electric propulsion for semi-submersible heavy lift vessels White paper. The power plant concept provides fuel savings by optimizing the loading of the diesel engines. Go to myABB Logout.

How to select a suitable BWTS, a roadmap to retrofitting. After the refit, the vessel’s icebreaking performance was considerably increased and she was also found out to be capable of breaking ice astern backwards. Maritime UK launches updated Code of Practice for autonomous navigation.

We will get back to you as soon as possible. An error occurred and your inquiry could not be sent. For this country please use ABB’s partner contact details.


Satakunta University of Applied Sciences. Please try again later or go to https: How small investment can power smarter options.

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Azipod – Wikipedia

Because it can rotate around its eystem axis, the pod can apply its thrust in any direction. In the traditional azimuth thrusters such as Z-drive and L-drive thrusters, the propeller is driven by an electric motor or a diesel engine inside the ship’s hull. In the Azipod unit, the electric motor is mounted inside the propulsion unit and the propeller is connected directly to the proplsion shaft.

This arrangement was chosen to provide improved efficiency, excellent manoeuvrability and less vibration operation.

Among the vessels fitted with Azipod units are Royal Caribbean International ‘s Voyager -Freedom – and Oasis -class cruise shipseach of which held the title of the largest cruise ship in the world at the time of delivery. Over torque can also be utilized e.

Nearly eight times as powerful as the prototype, the As a result lower vibration and noise levels can be reached onboard the ship which improves passenger comfort. Major cyber attacks reported in maritime industry. Kvaerner Masa-Yards Arctic Technology, By staying here you are agreeing to our use of cookies.