Description. Stems: Solitary, upright, to 20 m tall and 60 cm in diameter, ringed with oblique to undulating leaf scars. Leaves: Pinnate, reduplicate, to 10 m long, . Jul 26, The Corozo Palm Attalea cohune is a prolific, and at times dominant, species in humid lowland biomes of Central America. The eastern. any info on cold/dry heat/ Attalea cohune? thanks guys.

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Attalea cohune – Monaco Nature Encyclopedia

You can definitely grow Attalea cohune in inland Southern California provided you have a spot that doesn’t get severe freezes and you can give it a ton of water. Nutritional value of various mixtures of vegetable oil-seed proteins developed to combat protein malnutrition in Latin America. Midrib prominent and transverse veinlets distinct. You need to be a member in order cogune leave a comment. The fruits of the cohune palm are made into sweet meats and are also used as livestock feed.

May be confused with Other members of this genus, but few are cultivated ornamentals because of the large size of these palms. I’ve seen a lot of them on the Pacific side there.

The oil is utilized for the production of margarine and in the cosmetics industry; purified, is and excellent lubricant and seems to have also promising characteristics as bio-fuel. It is very well suited for plantings on campuses, parks and public gardens.


Attalea rostrata is also another of the hardier ones. They like a ton of heat which I don’t have, the dry dormant season is equivalent to the dry Summer season in California, so they also need a ton of water to grow. The seeds of the cohune palm yield cohune oil which is used extensively as a lubricant, for cooking, soap making and lamp oil.

The cohune palm can grow to 90 feet tall. Even small, young cohune palms can tolerate full sun.

Older names might still appear in palm literature or on garden signs. References Squibb et al. Up to mm 24″ Leaf Type: Frond damage at F, not exactly a great palm for California but if’s gonna grow anywhere, I would think inland San Diego would be great.

Even young trees may be planted in attapea receiving full sun and cohunes are very resistant to wind damage. You’ll find photos in this thread:. Inflorescences are branched to one order and are covered by a woody, grooved bract. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Fruits are up to 8 cm long and yellowish brown to golden brown. Cohune palms make a dramatic statement in areas containing large open space.

The seeds, cleaned and polished, are utilized for trinkets attaela for realizing small handicrafts.

USDA Zones 9 – Posted 13 Jun February 10th, by Giuseppe Mazza. Attalea is a large genus that combines several previously separate genera including Maximiliana, Orbignya and Sheelea. Diagnostic features Very large palm with undulating rings on the stem, drooping leaflets on a twisted rachis and inflorescences covered by a persistent, woody, grooved bract. Corozo meal is chiefly used for cattle. The cohune palm is a valuable source of oil and was one of the most important trees in the Mayan culture.


The resulting oilcake is highly palatable. Effect of the corozo palm nut oil meal in the baby chick diet. Established cohune palms are considered gross feeders and respond very well to the use attale palm and nitrogenous fertilizer.

Common name cohune palm. It had atta,ea trunk yet but 20ft leaves and it flowered. Very large palm with undulating rings on the stem, drooping leaflets on a twisted rachis and inflorescences covered by a persistent, woody, grooved bract. Posted 14 Jun Corozo Attalea cohuneoil meal, mechanical extraction. Photo by Bob Lauri. Scientific name Attalea cohune Mart.

Many Special Thanks to Ed Vaile for his long hours of tireless editing and numerous contributions. Corozo Attalea cohune seed and oil meal.

any info on Attalea cohune

The growth is initially slow. Cohune palm is considered an outdoor palm. You’ll find photos in this thread: I have a seedling growing from seeds collected in Costa Rica. In cleared tropical deciduous forest, Nayarit State, Mexico.