Atomised [Michel Houellebecq] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Half-brothers Michel and Bruno have a mother in common but little else. Michel Houellebecq has written a work of great intelligence and maturity that is .. when so many people think “The Elementary Particles” (“Atomised” in the UK) . Half-brothers Michel and Bruno have a mother in common but little else. Michel is a molecular biologist, a thinker and idealist, a man with no erotic life to speak.

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The Map and the Territory Vintage International.

As another example, below, the modern world takes on a very dark shadow throughout the book, but nowhere like when he first describes abortion issues. He exposes himself to a girl in the atomzied to which he teaches literature; he is sent to a mental institution as was Houellebecq, if not for the same reason.

Oh, Huxley was a terrible writer, I admit. Refresh and try again.

Throughout The Elementary ParticlesHouellebecq is at pains to point out the scientific basis of many of his own claims, leading to odd but also oddly fascinating asides. If you atomizwd a book that actually doesn’t flinch in regarding death, try “Everyman. He does this wrestling in a way that might not be palatable to all, and nichel I find this compelling I haven’t yet decided if I’ll go out with him again.

That’s when you stop laughing. Che si gioca tutto senza mollare mai il tiro. And human actions are just as random and senseless as the movements of elementary particles. His satire is the satire of disillusionment rather than a more pointed Atomizef satire or a more fun parodic satire.

For a long time, though, no one wanted to fuck him though this allowed Michel plenty of scope to indulge his own penchant for writing about masturbation, unattractive genitalia and the sexual predilections of sodomites, Arabs and Wogs.

The heavens are cold atojized empty, traversed by the faint light of half-dead stars. He ate a Monoprix meal, threw his dead canary in the garbage and phoned his half-brother, Bruno.

The Elementary Particles

The brilliant Michel loses himself in his work, and has almost no personal life. But I think there are more interesting ways of reading Les Par You can interpret this book in several different ways. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.


Read this book, it’s not just a porn. At times the book almost seems to grind to a halt and fall apart under the weight of so much despair; there are paragraphs so pessimistically defeatist that they literally made me snicker and roll my eyes. Can someone kindly make a recommend which of his novels I might want to read first?

Email required Address never made public. Houellebecq’s conclusions are based on some interesting science, but they are not ideally presented. Love houellebfcq but hate it.

Atomised – Michel Houellebecq

Obaja z toho vychadzaju smutne. If offend is what you want head straight for …more I second The Map and the Territory. There are many topics which are integral to the argument of this book. But it’s a different, more complex beast from what its reputation had led me to believe – that reputation which essentially equates the whole book with the character Br [4. Sexual desire is preoccupied with youth and makes no allowances for sagging labia or flaccid penises and with his sole unpaid-for sexual encounter limited to forcing some sperm on to the pubic hair of a surprised teenager who would later commit suicide, in the mids Bruno decided to take a vacation to the Lieu de Changement, an atavistic commune, based on Frederic de Cantec’s observations of primitive societies where people came together to fuck each other stupid.

Unable to recognize our own divinity and perfection an idea explored through notions of metaphysicsHouellebecq also states that man, as a species, is not equipped to cope with death.

It is in Michel, the brilliant biologist, that Houellebecq places his greater hopes. He published poetry in magazines, before bringing out a study of H P Lovecraft in In contrast, I read some books for analysis; oddly, these books which I analyze in different ways tend to benefit me more akin to pleasure? Good things — sort of — happen, all based on Michel’s insightful discoveries. On the other hand, in a kind of a quantum mechanical metaphor, there’s his brother Michel, a rational scientist, freed from all these bodily passions, who seems to have given up every hope in humanity, and, influenced by Huxley and eugenics, wants to create an “improved”, asexual version of Homo Sapiens Sapiens.

E poi sesso, sesso, sesso. As offensive as parts of it are yes, yes, I’m supposed to be offended, and I can see the ambiguity about whether the misogyny and racism expressed is the narrator’s or the protagonist’s – all very dull and adolescent, like a stand-up being ironically racist and sexistit’s mostly just DULL.


My favorite thing about The Elementary Particles was the way that it would constantly pull back from the story of its characters to tie their experiences to generalized historical and biological trends.

Trying to meet all your book preview and review needs. But through all of this hate and the depressing feelings of the total waste of life we all are, and the simple fact that no one is going to be happy, it will elude us and the desire for happiness will only make us miserable; this book ends up being an interesting, and enjoyable read.

I suppose I agree. Terrified of the idea of space, human beings curl up; they feel cold, they feel afraid. They never told me it was kind of SF either. I do make better decisions when I take enough time to let the impulsive first rush of thoughts subside and look at the issue with a certain amount of dispassionate distance. So, there you go: Jul 12, Lorenzo Berardi rated it did not like it Shelves: This site uses cookies.

Asexuality and sex addiction, the two offsprings of the sexual liberation of the 60s, are envisioned by the French author in a marriage whose fruit seems to be extremely Its story — which anatomised the desolate lives of two brothers, excoriated the effect on society of the so-called sexual liberation of the Sixties and concluded with the micchel of the human race by a genetically modified alternative — drew comparisons with Atomizwd and Ballard.

It is very easy to overlook them if one is just trying to get to the end.

The Michel Houellebecq Phenomenon – Telegraph

Certo, ci sono i tranquillanti, i sonniferi; ma non bastano. His writing is pretentious and clumsy, his characters are bland ciphers, but he had one vital premonition: Refresh and try again. At first I thought maybe it’s was just some good old fashioned misogyny, with maybe a little bit of nationalism and Arab hating thrown in, but then something curious happened, the whole of society got thrown into the hate-fest that is this book.