Ateles chamek, or the black-faced black spider monkey, is found in areas of Peru, Brazil, or Bolivia. (Felton, et al., ; Felton, et al., ; Iwanaga and Ferrari. Learn more about the Peruvian spider monkey – with amazing Peruvian spider monkey photos and facts on Arkive. Scientific name: Ateles Chamek English names: Black-faced Spider monkey, Peruvian Spider monkey. Spanish and local names: Marimono, Mono araƱa.

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Peruvian spider monkey photo – Ateles chamek – G | Arkive

Less individuals per square kilometer are usually present when there is competition with other species of primates. Add Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Sign up to our newsletter Get the latest wild news direct to your inbox.

Seasonal variations in black-faced black spider monkey Ateles chamek ate,es use and ranging behavior in a Southern Amazonian tropical forest. Volume 63 Issue 2 Janpp. Terms of Use – The displayed portlet may be used as a link from your website to Arkive’s online content for private, scientific, conservation or educational purposes only.

When comparing the weaning time and carrying time for daughters of higher-ranked females to lower-ranked females there is little difference. Spider monkeys in captivity and chaemk the wild. Volume 79 Issue 4 Novpp.


Eisenberg, atelfs Symington, ; Symington, a ; Symington, b ; Wallace, et al. Limited species-specific data is available for the lifespan of Ateles chamek due to the recent classification as a species. She is very kind with the newly arrived baby monkeys, therefore is one of the surrogate mothers. Average number of offspring 1 Range gestation period to days Range weaning age 22 to 25 months Range time to independence Observations on two types of neotropical primate intertaxa associations.

Yellow-tailed woolly monkey O.

Lindsey Paretti – Blood Island AfricachimpanzeeconservationfilmIn the Fieldlab chimpsLiberiaPrimatesprimatologyrehabilitationtrue storywildlifewildlife filmWildscreen Festival. Volume 18 Issue 3 Janpp.

Peruvian spider monkey

The Peruvian spider monkey is under serious threat from hunting for food, as well as from habitat loss as forests are cleared for agriculture, cattle ranching and mining 1. Spider monkeys are often hunted by native people and by ateled meat hunters for their precious meat.

Red-breasted blackbird Sturnella militaris. Male black-faced black spider monkeys also compete for mates, which does not impact the at birth sex ratio, but may impact amount of parental investment across the two sexes. Like other spider monkey species, it is possible male black-faced black spider monkeys may monopolize females in same social chakek during mating attempts. However, tighter controls on hunting, together with stronger measures to preserve its habitat, are likely ateled be needed if this charismatic primate is to be properly protected.


The Animal Diversity Web is an educational resource written largely by and for college students. Volume 6 Issue 1 Janpp. Mara is a female paralytic spider monkey that arrived in It has a life span of up to 20 years.

Nutritional Ecology of Ateles chamek in lowland Bolivia: Ateles chamekor the black-faced black spider chameo, is found in areas of Peru, Brazil, or Bolivia.

Glossary Gestation The state of being pregnant; the period from conception to birth. Johns Hopkins University Press. Volume 3 Issue 2 Janpp.

Large groups will separate into smaller ones and forage different sections of the forest. Though we edit our accounts for accuracy, we cannot guarantee all information in those accounts.

Ateles chamek

Life and Behaviour Black-faced Spider Monkeys live in groups of individuals inside very large ranges but rarely stay together all the time. Journal of mammalogy54 4: Revisiting the phylogenetic relationships, biogeography, and taxonomy of fhamek monkeys genus Ateles in light of new molecular data.

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